Can You Buy Vape Juice In Bulk?

Vaping has become the new wave of culture, and the craze for vape products is growing at the speed of light. The variety of e-juices choices is evolving day by day. The most common question that triggers many vapers is whether they can buy bulk vape juice from CBD VAPE JUICE

But why is that the main concern? Well, vape equipment can be expensive if you don’t know how to find the best deals. The same goes for vape juice. People are spending tons of money before they find out which flavor suits them.

Luckily, buying bulk products is possible and available to everyone. But before you do this, it’s essential to learn a couple of things.

Choose the right flavor.

If you decide to shop for vape juice in bulk, the crucial thing is to know which flavors you prefer. If you are new at vaping, don’t rush with orders. Be sure to check and try different e-juices before you decide to buy in bulk.

We know that a large selection of different e-juices and flavors can be confusing. But before you go shopping, do thorough research. Find out what your needs and requirements are, and first try products that meet those requirements.

The flavor is probably the most crucial thing to vapers. Even if all the other factors are perfect, like PG to VG ratio or nicotine strength, the flavor still plays the leading role in the vaping world. Luckily, e-juices come in numerous different flavors. Everything that you can imagine already exists.

You can choose from tobacco flavored juices to tropical fruit and caramel flavors. There are even flavors inspired by alcohol, like wine, beer, and brandy e-juices. So if you are buying in bulk, it is best to have your favorite already. Because if you buy stocks of some e-juice that you don’t like, chances are you’ll have to break through your monthly vape budget.

Choose the right nicotine strength.

Just as there are countless different flavors on the market, you can choose the strength of nicotine in vape juice. Not that there are countless choices, because nicotine strength comes in 3 different levels. Low, medium, and high.

Before you rush and buy stocks of e-juice, you need to know which level of nicotine suits you. If you were a former smoker, you could choose a nicotine level that matches the strength of the nicotine you consumed in cigarettes.

There are even vape juices with 0mg of nicotine. It all comes down to your preferences and personal choice. But you should know that nicotine strength plays a huge role in how you will experience the specific vape juice.  

How VG affects vape juice experience

Vegetable glycerin or Glycerol is a derivative of vegetable oil from a palm tree. Lots of people compare it with ordinary oil, but it is not precisely its form. Glycerol is a clear and thick water-soluble liquid. That’s why manufacturers use it as the main ingredient for making e-juice.

There is a debate about whether VG is a questionable vape juice ingredient, but this substance is approved by the FDA and safe for ingestion. You need to know that juices with a higher VG ratio may change the whole vaping experience.

If you’re a cloud chaser, you should think about finding a suitable VG ratio in vape juice before you make a bulk order. Also, if you’re looking for a softer and smoother throat hit, a higher VG ratio vape juices are the best option for you.

How PG affects vape juice experience

PG is that recognizable substance found in almost every shampoo and toothpaste. Even though it is a completely odorless and tasteless substance, propylene glycol carries and enhances the flavor levels in vape juices.

PG serves to bond all the ingredients in vape juice, but primarily for saving the moisture and making e-liquids thicker. When it comes to flavor, PG is the flavor sharpener and taste enhancer. Only with a balanced PG to VG ratio can you enjoy every aspect of vaping.

Vapers that want to feel the stronger throat hit similar to the one that their favorite tobacco produces should consider higher PG ratio juices. Always have that in mind when you opt for buying bulk e-liquids.

Buying in bulk requires proper juice storage.

Bear in mind that e-juices need to be properly stored, no matter if you have one or ten bottles. Vape juice is made of specific ingredients that require dry and cool places to maintain the freshness and original chemical composition.

If you keep vape juice directly exposed to the sun, it will change its color and possibly lose its freshness and flavor. If you’re buying in bulk, you need a dark and dry place to store all your bottles. Even if buying in bulk can save you tons of money, it’s not worth it if you don’t have where to keep the bottles.


Like we said, buying vape juice in bulk is possible and very practical. No one wants to run out of vape juice during the night or to have to wait for delivery for days. Besides saving money and nerves, you will always have your favorite bottle of juice at your fingertips. Just remember to read this guide every time you shop for vape juice.

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