Choosing a Mattress Topper

Is there a Difference Between a Mattress Protector and a Mattress Topper?

The purpose of a mattress topper is for providing an extra layer of comfort to your bed. It adds further cushioning since you will place it beneath your sheets and on top of your mattress. You can find them in various fillings, so expect to find cooling gel options and memory foam mattress toppers. You can use one of them to get a good night’s sleep.

The purpose of a mattress protector is for keeping your mattress free from stains, fresh, and hygienic. It can keep your mattress hygienic and extend the lifespan of your mattress. You can find them in anti-allergy protectors and waterproof options, making them suitable for various needs.

Can I Choose Both?

The functions of these pieces of bedding are not the same, so you can use both a mattress protector and mattress topper on your bed. Using both of them ensures your mattress is comfortable. They can protect your mattress from damage. That is why they can extend the lifespan of your mattress. However, you can only use a mattress protector if you are on a tight budget.

How do you use both a mattress protector and topper? Layer your mattress topper over your mattress. Then, layer your mattress protector, and then your bedsheets. Mattress protector forms a barrier for your mattress topper to ensure it remains free of dust mites and bacteria.

What are The Advantages of Mattress Toppers?

Use a mattress topper to get a good night’s sleep without spending a lot of money on a luxury mattress. It is perfect if you love memory foam, but you cannot afford it.

Have an uncomfortable mattress? Then, a mattress topper is a cheap solution. It is also ideal for you if always wake up with sore joints or back pain. If your mattress is too firm, you can choose a soft mattress topper. If your mattress is too soft, you can choose a firm mattress topper.

A mattress topper creates a barrier between you and your mattress to help extend the lifespan of your mattress. Find the best mattress topper here.

Can I Get a New Mattress or a Mattress Topper?  

You do not have to buy a new mattress since a mattress topper is a cheap option for any pains or aches. However, you may need to purchase a new mattress on the following occasions:

If you have been using your mattress for over 8 years

If there are damages to your mattress fillings

If there is a dip in your mattress

Which Mattress Topper is Suitable for Me?

Woolen Toppers

The natural fillings in woolen toppers ensure a soft night’s sleep. If you have a firm mattress but prefer a soft comfort grade, then this is suitable for you. They are also ideal for people prone to allergies because of their luxurious wool and natural fillings.

Memory Foam Toppers

Memory foam toppers are one of the most popular options on the market. You can sink into your mattress topper since a memory foam surface conforms to your body’s contours. This topper offers optimum comfort. It also offers support to people suffering from back pain.

Cooling Toppers

There are cooling options in some mattress toppers. These cooling options regulate your temperature and provide pressure relief as you are sleeping. The fabric of cooling toppers release heat when you are cold and absorbs heat when you are warm. Therefore, they are suitable for people who get hot during the night.

Latex Toppers

Last, but not least, latex toppers offer a cushioned surface and regulate temperature using the latest technology. It distributes pressure evenly, so it is also suitable for people with sore joints and back problems.

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