Tips On How To Convert Your Image Files to PDF Fast

When working on a business presentation, a PDF file is the handiest way to do it? It is, after all, a digital book or magazine. Most of the novel and digital magazines are in this format. It loyally captures the details of an image file. Now, there is a handful of a suitable image file to pdf converter out there. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. The pro versions also have their competitive price range. However, if you are looking for a jpg to pdf converter, PDF Bear is one of the best names in the market today.

The Importance of Converting JPG to PDF with PDF Bear

PDF Bear is gaining an advantage in the editing world because of its simplicity and speed. We have to note that converting JPG files to PDF is very popular. This is because of people creating content in advertising, marketing, social media, and art. For instance, if you are working for a large company as a marketing or visual artist, you need this. Through a jpg converter, you can convert photos of your work into a single portfolio. Galleries need your portfolio before they can decide to curate your exhibit. This is the same with marketing. Suppose you want to showcase the product you are selling. In that case, edit your photos into a PDF magazine available in hard and digital copy. Converting is a skill that everyone must have to survive in this competitive world.

How to Convert JPG To PDF

The steps are simple when you use PDF Bear. This tool is available online. It is lightweight and easy to use. Hence, a powerful tool that can do many things. It can convert one format to another. It can split or combine files, and it can also allow you to sign or watermark a document. To begin with, you need to do:

  1. Go to the official PDF Bear site using your browser. You cause Google Chrome for Windows users and Safari for Mac users.
  2. The leading site will display all the tools that you need. Look for JPG to PDF. Clicking this will lead you to the converter page.
  3. Select the image file you want to convert from your computer. Most preferably, the one with the JPEG format.
  4. Upload the image file to the PDF Bear server. The tool will scan your document and will start converting it right away.
  5. Once converted, you can now download the PDF version of the file to your computer. You can create as many conversions as you want. The pro version of the PDF Bear will give you unlimited space and functionalities. 

Security For Your Files With PDF Bear

If security is crucial for your work, then you need to switch to PDF Bear Pro. This version supports unlimited file uploads. It has unlimited space, and you can also upload any file size you want without limits. Another useful feature of the PDF Bear pro version is its use of file encryption. We all know that danger lurks mostly in the cyberworld. It is crucial to have all the protection you can have. Thus, this is needed when working for a large corporation, and document security is a big thing. 

PDF Bear Pro also provides customer and tech support. This is essential when an issue needs to be taken care of. This way, you have security and ease by using one of the most competitive PDF tools in the world. Your converted files stay in the PDF cloud. You can access them anytime for any conversion work you need to do in the future. The advantage of having a cloud space is that you save hard drive distance. This is also a secure way to store your files. If your computer malfunctions, then a copy of your task still exists, and you can access it anytime. Note that you can also remove the clutter from your computer desktop or documents folder by moving your files to the PDF Bear database. This is a good idea because computer hard drives have limited space. Even the most significant storage space you buy can always run out anytime.

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