Things You Need To Know About Cyber Monday 2021

Cyber Monday is one of the busiest days for almost all the online eCommerce websites around the globe. However, some customers may not have the idea about Cyber Monday and they miss the great deals and discounts codes these online websites offers on the day just because they don’t know when does Cyber Monday comes, and what is the right time to log in to their eCommerce websites to get the best deals of Cyber Monday. Hence, here in this article, we are going to shed some light on the infamous FAQs about Cyber Monday and will try to tell our readers everything they need to know about the day and the available deals of the day.

Let’s start with what is Cyber Monday?

Well, Cyber Monday is the first Monday that comes after Thanksgiving day. In 2018 it was on the 26th of November, in 2019 it was on 2nd December, and this year it will be on 30th November. It is the biggest online shopping day in the US. Almost every eCommerce website offers great deals and discounts for their customers on that day. You will get discount codes for your favourite eCommerce website if you search a little bit on the internet. There are various coupons and discount codes available on websites like photo coupons and dealvoucherz. However, if you want to get a reminder on Cyber Monday discount codes and deals starting, you can follow your favourite eCommerce website or subscribe to their newsletters to get notifications about the deal starts.

What time does Cyber Monday start?

Cyber Monday usually starts at 12am, EST of the day. Like this year, it will be at 12 am 30th November 2020. However, some websites usually elongate the deals, or they start early. For example, last year Amazon started the Cyber Monday frenzy at 8 pm EST of the last Sunday before Cyber Monday. However, the website ran these deals throughout the proceeding weekend as well. So in our opinion, if you don’t want to miss out on the deals, you should subscribe to the newsletters as early as possible.

What is the point of Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday was taken into consideration to hell people buy their Christmas gifts online. The first Monday after Thanksgiving has always been a huge shopping day. So this was why Cyber Monday was created. However, in the last decade, it has become a huge online shopping day with billions of retailers just in the United States. So, one can easily guess the number worldwide.

For us, the consumers, it is one of the best days to shop for gifts or things of personal needs for Christmas. Cyber Monday deals provide all kinds of things at a bargain. Hence, it is one of the most popular shopping days and one of the busiest days for eCommerce websites.

Is Cyber Monday the same deal as Black Friday?

Even though most of the websites offer similar deals for both Cyber Monday and Black Fridays, however, both are not necessarily the same deals. On that matter, stats reveal that in 2018 the Cyber Monday deals were slightly better deals overall than that of the Black Friday. That year on Cyber Monday shoppers had an extra 2.5% savings than the Black Friday deals.

On that note, Black Friday is generally a better day to shop for expensive items, whereas Cyber Monday is better for gadgets, gifts, and older generation techs.

So these are some of the important things you should know about Cyber Mondays before the deals start flowing. We are almost at that time of the year again. So get ready, subscribe to the newsletter of your favourite website, look for different coupon codes on different websites. Get ready to get the best bargains this year. 

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