What is a good laptop for a student under 300$?

Students Laptops are ideal for daily work or even for moderate gaming. However, the Finding Best Laptops for College Students under $300 could be challenging because you may have to compromise on specifications.

Additionally, the market is flooded with hundreds of laptops. So, you don’t have to worry or even be ashamed. A $300 is enough budget for a decent laptop.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Best Laptops for College Students Under $300

I suggest you carefully read the below-mentioned factor. Likewise, I can assure you that you can pick the best option according to your need.

Laptop Size

There is a large variety of sizes ranging from 10 inches to 13 inches. Since everyone has its specific requirement like few people prefer large screens. Meanwhile, some people prefer small size laptops because they are easy to carry.


Most of the Laptop in the $300 price bracket comes with hardware of the earlier generation. Therefore, you most probably find Intel, the Intel Core i3, or Celeron chipsets in these laptops. Although it’s rear, it doesn’t mean you can’t find the Core i5 processors in this price bracket.


Not only the Laptop under 300 but also most of the mid range laptops comes with 4GB. Like in a computer, the Laptop’s RAM is also replaceable, which means you can increase RAM.  But still, the 4GB of RAM enough for daily tasks.


Storage may seem not a critical factor in a laptop, but still, it’s very important. Therefore, I would recommend you go for the least 250GB hard drive.


The battery timing is the most important factor in every Laptop. Usually, the Laptop in this price bracket has 4-6 hours of battery backup. Plus, it’s a universal truth that if you run the heavy application, the Laptop will drain the battery. So, Choose wisely!


A laptop with connectivity is almost useless. So, whenever you are buying a laptop, ensure that it has all the standard connectivity options such as WI-FI, USB Ports, and Bluetooth. Maybe you find the HDMI port.


Weight is one of the essential factors in every Laptop. Also, it decided whether you are going to buy a laptop or not. A machine with less weight is easy to carry. Usually, the weight range is between 3 to 5 pounds.


Maybe we can compromise on other factors, but the security is not comprisable. Everyone has its data and privacy, so never take a laptop with preload protection or buy anti-malware software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A Laptop Under $300 With A Touchscreen?

In a normal laptop range, the one with a touchscreen cost higher. I’m not saying you can’t get it, but you have to compromise any other factor as your budget is minimal.

Do Laptops Under $300 Are Good for Online Classes?

Yes, for sure, you will have the camera on this price bracket laptop. Thus, all you need faster internet connectivity so nobody can stop you from taking part in the online class.

As A Student, The Laptop Below $300 Enough for Me?

If you are not computer science, then a laptop below $300 will not work but also run. Likewise, it’s ideal for browsing, emailing, MS Office, presentations, etc. Meanwhile, if you are planning to do graphical, the laptops are not enough. You have to spend more!

Which Is the Better Option, Desktop or Laptop?

You will get more power and performance into a desktop than a laptop. But it depends upon your needs and choice.  A laptop is easy to carry so that you can take it anywhere

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