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Ultimate Beginners Guide to Make Money from Fiverr

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Make Money from Fiverr
Written by Bilal Tahir Khan

Everyone Want To Make Money.

Everyone Who was as the fresh graduate or expert or Engineering student; we need to plan for your future if you are still studying and need to plan for your career and has lots of talent areas or you bored searching for a job or unsatisfied with your current employer.Earn Money During Your study and After.

You Also Want to Learn How To Earn Money On Fiverr.

What is Fiverr and How it Works

Fiverr is a global online marketplace founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman on February 1st, 2010, in which you can offer services in graphics & design, digital marketing, writing & translation, video & animation, music & audio, programming & tech, business and fun & lifestyle. (Let’s thank Wikipedia for that overview!).Fiverr I an Online marketplace where anyone can sell or buy service at just $5 !It is a website where you can sell anything and where everything is purchased.

How Do You Start Making Money on Fiverr?

#Choose thing you’re passionate about
#Build Your Profile According to Your Service
#List down your skills and expertise
#Find what is already popular on Fiverr
#Select Your Topic From Fiverr and Start Work.

What to Sell on Fiverr Explore The Marketplace 

Make Money from Fiverr

1- Graphics & DesignMake Money from Fiverr#Logo Design
#Business Cards & Stationery
#Cartoons & Caricatures
#Flyers & Posters
#Book Covers & PackagingMake Money from Fiverr#Web & Mobile Design
#Social Media Design
#Banner Ads
#Photoshop Editing
#3D & 2D ModelsMake Money from Fiverr#T-Shirts
#Presentation Design
#Vector Tracing
#Logo Design
#Business Cards & Stationery

2 – Digital MarketingMake Money from Fiverr#SEO
#Social Media Marketing
#Web Traffic
#Content Marketing
#Video MarketingMake Money from Fiverr#Email Marketing
#Local Listings
#Domain Research
#Search & Display Marketing
#Marketing StrategyMake Money from Fiverr#Web Analytics
#Mobile Advertising
#Influencer Marketing
#E-Commerce Marketing
#Music Promotion

3 – Writing & TranslationMake Money from Fiverr

#Writing & Translation
#Articles & Blog Posts
#Business Copywriting
#Resumes & Cover Letters
#Research & Summaries
#TranslationMake Money from Fiverr#Creative Writing
#Proofreading & Editing
#Press Releases
#Legal Writing

4 – Video & AnimationMake Money from Fiverr#Whiteboard & Explainer Videos
#Intros & Animated Logos
#Promotional & Brand Videos
#Lyric & Music Videos
#Spokespersons & TestimonialsMake Money from Fiverr#Editing & Post Production
#Animated Characters & Modeling

5 – Music & AudioMake Money from Fiverr

#Music & Audio
#Voice Over
#Mixing & Mastering
#Producers & Composers
#Session Musicians & Singers
#Jingles & Drops
#Sound Effects

6 – Programming & TechMake Money from Fiverr

#Web Programming
#Mobile Apps & Web
#Website Builders & CMS
#Desktop applicationsMake Money from Fiverr#Data Analysis & Reports
#Convert Files
#Support & IT
#User Testing

7 – BusinessMake Money from Fiverr
#Virtual Assistant
#Market Research
#Business Plans
#Branding Services
#Legal ConsultingMake Money from Fiverr#Financial Consulting
#Business Tips
#Career Advice
#Flyer Distribution

8 – Fun & LifestyleMake Money from Fiverr

#Online Lessons
#Arts & Crafts
#Relationship Advice
#Health, Nutrition & Fitness
#Astrology & Readings
#Spiritual & HealingMake Money from Fiverr#Family & Genealogy
#Greeting Cards & Videos
#Your Message On…
#Viral Videos
#Pranks & StuntsMake Money from Fiverr#Celebrity Impersonators
#Global Culture

Fiver is the one of the best freelancer market place in the world. Hear you can get client easily to other freelancer site. But you have to flow some trikes,Make a meaningful profile and description must be related on your service.

Avoid and Do Something on Fiverr

Things to Avoid:
Don’t create the profile using a proxy to show you as American or British. People do it to get good results, but it doesn’t make any sense, if you are good in service and provide your best, even an Asian can earn thousands.
Don’t Abuse anyone.
Don’t be late in completing orders.
Don’t mention your email or provide any direct contact information. You will be banned forever.
Don’t create multiple accounts. One is enough for a single person.
Don’t create useless Gigs that you can’t do.
Things You Must Do:
Use your original name or niche related username.
Connect Social Profiles
Set security questions
Upload a simple and smiling face profile picture.
Give a brief introduction, who you are, and what you are offering.
Give a story line tag under your name on the profile page. I will show how to do it. It is just a short line expressing your work.

Necessary elements of Fiverr success:

1) – Understanding the Strategy
2) – Staying Consistent
3) – Sticking to the Platform
4 ) – Use Proper English and Grammar in your gigs and in your conversations with buyers.
5 ) -Explain what you are offering.
6 ) -Explain what the buyer will get.
7 ) – Respond to negative feedback positively.

Fiverr Levels and Benefits

There are three Fiverr Levels that you can join once you start working with Fiverr.

Level 1

30 days active on Fiverr
Completed at least 10 individual orders
Maintain a 4 star rating and above
Have a low cancellation rate

Level 2

Completed at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months
Maintain a 4.5 star rating or above
Have a low cancellation rate

Top Rated Seller

Maintain a high star rating (4.7-5 star rating)
Exceptional customer care
Have a low cancellation rate
Community leadership
Volume of sales

Build Your Fiverr Profile

1- Open and click on “Join” at the top right and enter your email.

Note: Don’t log in here with Facebook or Google Account. Because in this way, you will not be able to set your desired username.

Make Money from Fiverr

2- Choose Your Name and Password After That Click on Join Option.
Make Money from Fiverr

3-You Confirm Your Email Make Money from Fiverr

4- After That, it Activated Your Account.Make Money from Fiverr

5-  Now Start Selling.Click on Start Selling Option.Become a Seller.Make Money from Fiverr

6- Set Your Account “Availability, Link your “Social Accounts” now.

Make Money from Fiverr

7- Set Your Account “Availability.Make Money from Fiverr

8- Choose Your Languages and Also Add Your Skills.Also, Add Education if You Have Student in Any College and University.Make Money from Fiverr

9- Add Certification if you have and Upload a “Profile Picture.Put something about yourself in “Description” area.

Make Money from Fiverr

10- Now Start to Creating Your Gig Make Money from Fiverr

11- Your title should be short, clear, and to the point. In the Category drop-down menu, select the appropriate category and then subcategory for your Gig.Make Money from Fiverr

12- Give GIG MetaData and Main Thing is Tags Choose Relatives Tags to your Title.add a minimum of three words or phrases that best describe your Gig.Make Money from Fiverr

13- Select Pricing Of Your Gig.Make Money from Fiverr

14-Tips Choos Gig Extras its Help to Boost Your Profile and Your Order Ratio.Make Money from Fiverr

15- Send Your Work Picture if you want .Add your Gig Related Picture and Video For Your Client.Make Money from Fiverr

16- Almost Done Everything.Now Publish Gig.Make Money from Fiverr

How To Getting more orders on your Fiverr Gig

Maintain your gigs
Focus on your Brand.
Getting Your Gig Up and Running
Focus on your skills
Creating gigs that sell on Fiverr
Making your Fiverr profile shine
Be Creative in your Offering
It must be written in simple words
Offer something new
Describe your gig properly

Some Fiverr Terms to Remember:

Gig Extras

Gig Extras is additional services offered on top of sellers Gig for an addition price defined by the seller.

Gig Multiples

Gig Multiples is the additional quantity of the same Gig.

Extra Fast Delivery

Extra Fast Delivery is the duration to offer the consumable Gig at the ideal time by charging some extra cash.

Custom Offers

Custom offers are, you discuss something with buyer and you provide a proposal for an extra amount based on your a buyer level.

Priority and VIP support

Priority and VIP support is where the customer support tickets are curetted in a higher order of handling for faster responses.

Fiverr Anywhere

Now Fiverr anywhere is the feature which allows sellers to sell outside Fiverr on their blogs, on their Facebook pages, other social media and brings in more sales.

Sales Analytics FiverrStart Making Money!

Most Demand Services on Fiverr

Content writing
Logo design
Search engine optimization
Video editing
Photoshop help
Social media management
WordPress support
Testimonials and Voice-overs

How to get Paid on Fiverr?

Payoneer– It provides online money transfer and payment services for e-commerce.
Time- 2-4 working days

Pay Pal– It is the online payment systems that support online money transfer from Merchant to you.
Time- 3-5 working days

Pros- Low transfer fees and no money is charged to the sender
Cons-Due to technical and regulatory guidelines, there is a delay in payments.

Tips For Fiverr User

# As a new seller you can create 7 gig, So use your all gig quota and make the killer gig on your own service.
# Try to be online 24 Hrs.
#And the last and most important thing that try to always best service your first client. Because if you can satisfy you, client, Client will provide a good feedback and review that are the most important if you want to sell your gig more.
#Use Proper English and Grammar in your gigs and in your conversations with buyers.

Note: if you are faced To Choose any Topic in Fiverr Contact me.I Will Help you To Make your Profile and Use your passion to make money on Fiverr.If you are facing any issues, do contact me and I will help you out. Stay blessed.

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