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Top Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog & Make Money Blogging

How To Monetize Your Blog Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog Effectively
Written by Bilal Tahir Khan

Money is Main problem of all Bloggers.We start Blog and Share Article and Published on Blog.After that we Want to make money with our Blog.I’m Share Some Best Way of Monetizing.Choose These Methods and Make Money with your Blog.Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog Effectively.

10 Most Popular ways to Monetize your website

1 – Pay Per Click

Google AdSense is Best Way TO Make Money and Monetize your Blog., and that is because it’s the easiest and least time consuming monetization method.
Google AdSense Ads

2 – Affiliate Marketing

After Google Adsense Affiliate Marketing is Good Option For us.Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.
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3 – Products/services Selling products directly to readers

Product Service Systems very Simple Put Your Offer on your Blog and Share Them on your Blog.Selling your own product is awesome because there are no middle mans.own Products Like E-Books , Themes , Plugins , Info or any Other things it,s Depends on your Skill you have to Find out in which Skill you are Good then Create your Product and Sell it your Blog for Few Dollars.
Logo Make services
Theme creation
Plugin Generation services on your blogs to make money
Graphics Designing
Content Writing

4 – Ebooks

E books is Very Good Way TO Make Money With your Blog.Selling your own product is awesome because there are no middle mans, no one is going to take the “cut” – it’s only YOU and the CLIENT.

5 – Direct Advertising Sales (Banner & Text)

Direct advertising is Also Good Option for your People Buy your Blog Space and Put their Ads on your Blog.If your Blog Traffic is Good your Make Good Income.

6 – Job Board / Classifieds / Marketplace

Job Board is Also Have Option People Classified on your Blog and you make Good Income From Job Boards.Some sites have job boards. It does work for some sites, however it probably won’t work for a majority of blogs out there.Some sites have job boards.

7 – Sponsored Reviews & Paid Posts

You Know About Sponsored Review and Post. Company Write Reviews About Their products and Offer to Share your Blog.if your Blog Have Good Traffic.if any product Sale you Make Money Form it.Very often a blogger reviews  products related to his niche on his blog and makes no money from the review. In a sponsored review, the blogger is paid for his posted review..Once your site is getting good amount of visitors monthly, you can offer sponsored posts and articles. There are a lot of advertisers who would be interested in writing sponsored posts for your website.

8 –  Premium Content

Write Premium content For other people .if your English is Good you Write Premium Content for your Reader and Customer.

9 – Email Marketing

Email marketing can generate you lots of money. The key is to build a large email list of your customers/visitors. When people register to become a member, you get their email address. When people sign up to your weekly newsletter, you get their email address. The more ways there are to get someone’s email address the better.Building a list means that you gather your visitors emails. 90% of the websites that get some sort of traffic use that technique and it’s working pretty can earn Good Income From Email Marketing.

10 – Sell Your Blog

Make Good  Blog and Drive Good Traffic on your Blog.if you are busy and not Handle your Blog Then Sale your Blog.Now Days selling is becoming a very Famous business.If you are into short-term projects and more you Sale your Blog.
Flippa – The most popular website market.
We Buy Websites – Another marketplace.
FEinternational – Mostly for high-end websites.

11 – Offer coupons

Offer Premium Coupons Like Domain ,Web hosting,VPS and Other Shopping Can also Good Income From Them.Offer Free and Paid Coupons on your Blog.

12 –  Advertising widgets

It is New and Good Earning Source Many People and Website use it.Add Ads Widgets in your Blog and Earn Money From your Blog.

13 –  Become a Brand ambassador

if your are Good and your Talk and Personality is good your Become a Brand Ambassador of any is Also Help for your Blog.

14 – Placing ads on your Blog

Placing Ads on your Blog For Buy sell ads it is Very Good Company and try to get approval of buysellads and put ads on your Blog.

15 -Review Affiliate Products

Write Review About Affiliate Products and Sale Them Through your Blog.People Buy Products and your Earn Money Form Them.

16 – Online Courses

Start Online Course Free or Paid Make Online Course Share with your Reader it is very helpful for you and reader.Free Course and Share On Blog.

17 – Teaching

Start Teaching Training and Share your Skill With your Friend.if you have Good Skill then Teaching your client and Make Money

18 – Selling advance solutions

People Have Many Problem and The Asked Question from Other if you have Solutions Then Sell Theme Their Solutions.

19 – Banner ads

Make Ads Banner For your Customer if you have Skill Then Sale This option.Make your own Banner and Sale Them.

20 – Create a Paid Directory/Business Page

Create A Paid Directory Many People Not Know About How to Make Paid Make Paid Directory For your Client.

21 – Just copy what others are doing

It is Very Simple Just Copy And Paste Content Etc.You give Offer Your Client.

22 – RSS Ads

Put Rss Ads on your Blog it is Also Way to Monetize your Blog.

23 – In-text Ads

In-text ads’ are adverts that are placed inside your text content such as articles or blog posts.People Click on your Ads.You Make Good Income.

24 – Mobile Advertising

Now Days Mobile Company Also Active and The Offer Blogger to Put their Ads on your Blog.This Type of Ads is Called Mobile Advertising.

25 – Private interview Series

Arrange Private Interviews of Blogger and And People of your Field.Start Interviews Series and Sale Them on your Blog it is Also Good Way.

26 – Create a video course

Create your Own Video course and Share your Experience  with your Readers.Share Skill with your Readers it is Also Good way to Drive Traffic and Also Attempt Paid Video Course and Sale Them.

27 – Membership Site

Start Member Ship Site. Increasing numbers of sites offer premium membership areas.Websites attract visitors with free content and then they realize that they can get added benefits by paying a membership fee.

28 – Private forum

Start Private Forum and Share Helpful And paid Thing on your Forum.People Join your forum.and your Make Money Form it.Similar to a paid membership, private forums can be created to cater to your audience. Members can pay an annual/monthly fee to access the forum .

 29 – Audio Advertising

if your voice is Good you are Good speaker Then Start Audio Advertising Option on your Blog.and Translate Voice to other Voice.

30 – Live Workshops

online teaching course is to have a live workshop. Live workshops let you interact with your audience and find out what they like about your website.

31 – Host A Webinar

Webinar’s are basically a live workshop online. People go on to Webinar’s to hear you talk about your specialist subject.Webinar’s can incorporate power point presentations, web-cams, photos, microphones, polls, etc., making them fully interactive with your audience.

32 – Donation / Becoming a sponsor

Donations can provide an alternate source of income from your website. You can get a donate button from PayPal to place on your site and ask people to donate a small amount to you for the service that you provide.

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