The Amazing Facts To Know About CCIE Service Provider Certification

CCIE Service Provider certification

The Cisco CCIE Service Provider certification is for expert level Service Provider network engineers who carry the knowledge and ability to put up an extensible Service Provider communications to transport rich managed services.


There are no formal prerequisites for CCIE certification. Other qualified certifications or teaching courses are not necessary. As an alternative, applicants must first pass a written qualification exam and then the matching hands-on lab exam. You are predictable to have an in depth understanding of the topics in the exam blueprints and strongly confident to have three to five years of job experience before attempting certification.

CCIE Service Provider Written Exam

You must pass the two-hour, written qualification exam casing concepts and equipment instructions connected to packet based networking communications, before you are qualified to timetable the lab exam.

What Is CCIE Service Provider V5.0?

The CCIE Service Provider lab exam v5.0 was meant at testing skill sets connected to the service Provider solutions integration, interoperation, configuration and troubleshooting in composite networks and the challenges of Voice, video, and data. With the evolving technologies as well as the sophisticated demands from the industry, Cisco at SPOTO has revised its focus on validating the capability and skill sets of a CCIE to reflect the changing dynamics and outlook needs of the industry. Professionals with CCIE certificates can no longer afford to limit themselves to the troubleshooting, Diagnosing and Configuring tasks in the network. 

The industry is challenging them to play a distant bigger and complex role to set up, activate and maintain their ever changing network needs. The new CCIE Service Provider lab exam v5.0 is aimed at assessing and validating the candidate’s skills through the whole lifecycle of designing, deploying, operating and optimizing complex Service Provider technology and solutions deployments. The other aspect which has played a very important role is the focus on mechanization and Network Programmability.

What Are The Settlements Of CCIE Service Provider?

CCIE Service Provider v5.0 lab exam and syllabus are designed in such a way that the skill sets of the examinee get validated most professionally. The syllabus covers the topics which are most applicable for the candidates based on their job roles and organizational needs. The candidate’s skill sets get validated across the lifecycle of the network. Successful candidates are ready with the Automation and Network Programmability knowledge since both these buzzword modules are covered in the CCIE Service Provider lab exam.

Market Claim For The CCIE Service Provider V5.0:

Markets are looking for competent, knowledgeable as well as certified Service Provider network engineers. CCIE Service Provider professionals can aspect in up and coming technologies along with in depth technical skills as well as knowledge to hold up business serious initiatives and make a payment to business outcomes.

CCIE certification opens up the worldwide job market for professionals. The CCIE program is a well known and well established occupation official recognition from corner to corner the continents.

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