10 Reason Why Google Ignore Not Index you Site and Find

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Google is Top and Most use able search engine I think 70% People in world use Google .Google is Most Popular  search engine.when your site index in Google .Google give you organic Traffic.some time you worried  Google not give you Traffic.some Reason why Google not Give Traffic.without Google index you have not enjoy Google Organic Traffic.For Get Google Traffic you have Do this post we learn why Google not index your site  10 Reason Why Google Ignore Not Index you Site and Find

Why Google Not Index you Site

Google Love New things.and Google like Good URL and

1 : Domain Site URL /WWW-or No WWW Domain

you Choose Google Site URL not Bad if you choose bad URL Google ignore it .i suggest domain and .net .Use WWW.domain name .com if you use Domain your Post and site index fast in Google .and Generate good can use sub domain Read this Google webmaster post it is help you to choose domain name and help you preferred domain 

2 : You Site or Page are blocked in your site robots.txt

when you make site you install and SEO plugin you see your robots.txt file .we also use in in our blogspot site in robot.txt we  add thsi file you can see your site robots.txt use this after your site URL / can read more about robot.txt file what is it and why we use it Reason Why Google Ignore Not Index you Site and Find


3 : Google Webmaster Tools

Are you Submit your site in Google Webmaster Tools .submit your site in Google Webmaster Tools Create Sitemap and Submit your site in Google webmaster Tools .when you submit your blog/website you can see easily your site is submit in Google you see with sitemap .Fetch your Post in Google it is also help you to index your Post in Google Fast

4 :Sitemap.XML in Webmaster Tools

when you create or /blog you have a sitemap-.xml .every site have can see you site sitemap.xml easily you can see it .your doamin name or blogname/sitemap.xml10 Reason Why Google Ignore Not Index you Site and Find


5 : Duplicate Content Lots

if you use Duplicate content Google Don’t give your traffic.Google give Traffic to Original Post .So Write your own content Don’t copy other content .Google ignore copy content and Google Dislike this .if you want to do Something so don’t copy other content write own Content

6 :  Crawler Error

See your site in Google webmaster Tools and Check crawler Error .Remove error and see error and improve them Crawler error is also Problem in Search engine so improve them and remove

7 : Site is Blocked by  .htaccess

in yoast SEO plugin .htaccess file is available you can add this file in your site .it is useful it is blocked unknown things is your site

8 : No index in Meta tag

Meta Tag is very Important in can see in Tag  no index,no follow .so See it carefully and complete it

9 : Loading Time of your  Site

Make you site Fast .if your site Loading time is 1 min it is bad it is bad for search Engine and Google ignore your site if your loading time is 1 improve your loading site

10 : Update Site and Maintain

Update your site fresh content and make your site friendly and unfriendly if your site is friendly and Fresh Content Google give your Traffic and  Google love your site

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