15 Ways To Get Content Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

Hi, Blogging is a passion now. People Do Blogging as Passion and it is Good. Blogging is no way to make money. Blogging is a way to help other people so it makes a relationship with other people. Blogging is a Part of Sharing our Experience and new information with our readers and other people.

Blogging is an outstanding manner to share your mind and ideas with the sector, construct a target audience, and develop your commercial enterprise. But developing new content thoughts can be difficult.

Blogging Start their blogging journey. Early the writer’s content shares their experience in a few days when they complete all their post they don’t know what they write. Some people fail in blogging due to not having any content ideas. Don’t worry about Content ideas, in this post you learn how to find content ideas for our next blog post. I think every blogger faces this situation with a content idea like me. Don’t worry about this

Content Ideas

1 – Read Other Blog in your Niche :

Read other Blogger blog Regular it helps to find a new idea about your new post .if your read your niche related blog it is helping you’re to increase your knowledge about your Niche and help you to find your post idea.

Find your Topic and Your Niche in Google Trends it shows the Google Searches and you easily find Post idea from google trend.

How To Find Niche in Google Trends.

Sign up with your Gmail account.

Go to Google Trend

Choose Country global our you Choose the Country Which you have wanted to target. Search your topic and find content ideas.

3 – Idea From Quora :

Join Quora is a very helpful website for Blogger because it is great platform you get idea for your post. Quora is Answer question website people asked a question and you can easily find your blog post from these question choose your related niche

Go to Quora Sing up

Login to Account and Choose your niche related Topic

Answer the question on Quora and Get an idea for your new post.

4 – Use AskReddit :

Join AskReddit Reddit is a very popular web site Million of active users on Reddit. Join Reddit Community.and See Question of People and Other Bloggers. People asked question In Reddit Answer Question Community you find Easily you next Blog Post idea.

5 – Yahoo Answer :

Join Yahoo Answers site and Find your Nich related Question give their question answer and it is the best platform to find New Blog post idea.

6 – Use Followerwonk :

Join Followerwonk Find your Nich Related Topic and Get Ideas From Followewonk.

7 – BuzzSumo :

Buzzsumo is an Awesome Platform to find Topic and Find your topic Related Blog. You Can unlimited ideas for your new post from Buzzsumo.

8 – Be Active on Social Media :

Use Social Media People Share Their Post on Social Media so your Can Get Idea From Social Networks.

9 – Blog Directories :

Join Famous Blog-Directories About Your Niche.and Get an idea for a post.

10 – Facebook Groups :

Join your Niche Related Facebook Group Blogger Share Their Post on Facebook Group and People Give Comments under Post so you Get idea Form post and Comments

11 – Email Newsletter :

Email Newsletter Subscriber Increase your Blog Traffic and Increase your Relationship with your reader.your reader asked question from you the give idea to you and your write post it si also the best way to find an idea for a post.

12 – Use Soolve :

Soolve is a Very Awesome Web. When we write some keyword it shows a lot of Results so you use Soolve and enter your keyword and get a lot of ideas.

13Twitter Hashtags :

Twitter is the biggest Social Media Website Million of users. blogger Share their content on twitter the use of hashtags. you Find Idea from hashtags.

14 – Video Sharing Website :

Find Idea From Video Sharing Website like youtube See video on youtube and convert video in Post Many People use these Strategies.it is very simple and usable.

15 – Forums :

Forums are a great part of Blogging. You find ideas from forums people also question forums you join forums and Get an idea.

16- Explore Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best places to search for new content ideas.

17- Your Website: FAQ Sections

FAQ section and determine if there are ways you can expand on the topics with another form of content, such as a video, a blog post, an e-book, or a guide.

That’s why I’ve prepared this manual to help you get content thoughts for your subsequent weblog publication.

10 Proven Strategies for Finding Blog Post Ideas

  1. Look at your analytics. Your analytics can let you know plenty about what your audience is inquisitive about. Pay attention to the posts that get the maximum perspectives, shares, and comments. These are the subjects that your target audience is hungry for greater of.
  2. Survey your target audience. If you have got an electronic mail list or social media following, you may survey your target market to ask them what kind of content they may be interested in. This is a splendid manner to get direct feedback from your target audience.
  3. Check out your opposition. See what subjects your competition is writing approximately. This can give you a few thoughts on topics that you could cover in a completely unique way.
  4. Use Google Trends. Google Trends let you see what topics are trending properly now. This is a terrific way to locate timely and relevant content thoughts.
  5. Read industry courses. Stay up to date on the brand-new information and traits in your enterprise by analyzing enterprise publications. This can give you a variety of thoughts for blog posts.
  6. Attend enterprise occasions. Attending enterprise activities is an excellent way to communize with other experts and study new traits. You also can get ideas for blog posts from the speakers and attendees.
  7. Brainstorm together with your group. Get collectively with your group and brainstorm thoughts for weblog posts. This can be a brilliant manner to come up with new and creative ideas.
  8. Use a content material ideation tool. There are a number of content ideation gear to be had that allow you to generate blog publish ideas. These gear can be a fantastic manner to get begun if you’re feeling caught.
  9. Experiment. Don’t be afraid to test with unique styles of content material. Try writing extraordinary formats, along with listicles, case research, or how-tos. You is probably surprised at what your target audience responds to.
  10. Don’t surrender. Coming up with weblog submit thoughts can be tough, but it’s essential to not surrender. The greater you write, the simpler it’s going to get.

Additional Tips

  • Use keyword research to find subjects that human beings are trying to find.
  • Write about evergreen topics so one can still be applicable months or maybe years from now.
  • Be unique and niche in your subject matter selection. This will help you entice a more focused target market.
  • Write about subjects that you’re passionate about. This will make your writing greater enticing and authentic.
  • Promote your weblog posts on social media and other channels. This will assist you attain a wider target audience.


I wish those strategies help you get content thoughts in your subsequent weblog post. Remember, the maximum essential aspect is to put in writing about subjects that your audience is interested in. If you may do that, you may be properly to your manner to create a hit blog post.

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