How To Access Blocked Websites

Access Blocked Websites: Many Website is Blocked in different parts of the world. Several countries including Pakistan, Iran, India, China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Germany, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Russia, Syria, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Etc.YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world.YouTube headquartered is in San Bruno, California, YouTube was Launch on February 14, 2005.YouTube is Blocked due to  Anti Muslim content. The student has used youtube for study and learning .if You are Worried about YouTube banned in Pakistan? Don’t be Now you can open YouTube easily in Pakistan without any proxy software. Now you can easily Access Blocked sites.

How To Access Blocked Sites To Unblock Banned Webpages?

Why Websites Get Blocked

Due To Government censorship, distribution rights, and organization restrictions.

Access Blocked Sites by VPN:  VPN is (Virtual private networks)

VPN works very Simply .when we use any Free or Premium Vpn its works the Same.VPN changes our Ip address and Contact  With a new Ip address. In simple words we can say VPN gives use a new Ip address.

Method 1: Use VPN for unblocking

Open Computer Control panel and click on Network and Sharing

Choose Network Option For set up Click on Connect to network

after it Chooses Network And Clicks on Next

Connect to a Workplace and Choose the First Option

after it types internet Address

Now Enter This Address

             UK Best VPN

VPN Server :
VPN Username: mybestvpn
VPN Password: freevpn
VPN Protocol: PPTP VPN

Use All This Address.

Note: When you Fill all This When you Open Browser Terms and agreement form Show Click on Agree And Continue..

Now YouTube Open And Enjoy

Method 2: How To Blocked Site with Use Proxy Websites

Proxy is a  computer  application it is used for open Blocked Sites

Here Some Proxy List:

Hide My Ass
You can use all These Proxy and Access on Blocked Sites

Method 3:  Zen Mate

How to open Any Blocked website without any proxy and Software .you open any website in Google chrome without proxy and software you can just use only ZenMate extension it is only for Google Chrome it is Free and Fast. ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN  is trusted and Easy
Open Google Chrome Web store

Click on Added to Chrome and Install After install Beside the chrome Browser extension will be Show.

Now it shows Green So it is active and On your Change location

Method 4: Accessing Via IP Instead of URL

You can get the IP from Terminal on OS X or Command Prompt if you using Windows. Insert this and press Enter.


Copy the IP that is shown in the results onto your browser’s address bar and open the site as usual.

Method 5: Using Public DNS of ISPs

ISP using Google Public DNS.Google Public DNS IP addresses as your primary or secondary DNS server.





Method 6: Use Google Translate

Try Google Translate and see for yourself. It is yet another simple way to access blocked websites. Google Translate allows you to translate website content from one language to another.

Method 7: Setting Your Browser’s Proxy Manually

Method 8: Use SSH Tunnels

Open Terminal (if you are using Windows you can use Putty instead) and run following command to login:

ssh -D 12345 [email protected]

The command will run the SOCKS server on port 12345.
open your Firefox browser and go to Preferences > Advanced > Network > Settings. Check on Manual Proxy Configurations, enter on SOCKS Hosts and insert the Port number you picked when you created the SSH tunnel. Click OK to save your new settings.

Method 9: Use RSS Feed of website

RSS readers are useful for getting fresh content and reading them with ease.

Method 9: Open Blocked Website With using Software

1: ExpressVPN

2: Tor Browser

3: IPVanish

4: Cyberghost VPN

5: TunnelBear

6: HotSpot Shield

7: OpenVPN

8 : Spotflux

9: HideMyAss

10: Freegate

Let us know which one do you prefer to access blocked websites in your region.I hope it Will helpful For you To the Ublock website.

Enjoy !!

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