How to Create a Free Custom Email Address in 2024

A lot of web hosting service providers offer free email accounts if you sign up with their service. Some of them are quite economical, and your Gmail account can be linked to them very quickly. Apart from that, if you are not eager to invest any money, there are many other options you can use.

What is a Custom Email address?

The part of the email address following the @ symbol is called an email domain name, such as,, and Businesses and professionals often use a custom domain name that represents their brand and matches their official website. For example, if your website’s address is example dot com, you can create a user account with this address example.[email protected]

Your domain name is added to your email in a custom email address or business address.

For example, [email protected] is the domain name of my blog.

Your personal email address does not have and

For example, [email protected]

Instead of using a generic Gmail account or Yahoo account, the Custom email address displays your company name. You can see how effective and useful a custom email address is by simply looking at these email addresses.

Why not opt for a custom email address?

Email is your most effective marketing tool. – Dan Zarrella

We use our personal email addresses for most things. This is fine for sending emails to family and friends. However, when it comes down to coordinating customers and business, one must be more creative and professional.

This might not work if you use an email address such as [email protected]. It will appear unprofessional.

You have a great option, the custom email address. You have to be innovative in order to stand out in this highly competitive marketplace. A custom email address is one example.

It is also vital in email marketing and business communication.

Let me briefly outline the reasons why you should create a customized email address.

1. It’s easy to remember

Customers will remember you better if you provide a customized email address. They can also contact you more easily if they have any questions.

2. Brand Promotion

You are indirectly marketing your brand by using a customized email address to coordinate customer service or marketing.

It’s almost like the icing on top of the cake.

3. Easy Personalization

Additionally, you can easily personalize your email addresses department wise like [email protected], [email protected].

4. Professional Impression

According to the saying, the first impression is the most important impression.

A custom email address is more professional and will help you stand out in this competitive market.

Send a personalized email to leave a lasting impression.

5. Spam? Say No

An email address that is unique to you is also a sign that you are trustworthy. This will allow you to build trust between your customers and yourself.

Mails sent to a personalized email address are less likely than emails that go to spam.

It is a win-win for everyone.

A custom email address can help you grow your business, no matter what type of business it is.

The best thing is that you can get your own custom business email address completely free.

Let’s get started with creating your email address.

How to create a custom email address

You will need to have a company domain and web hosting in order to create an email address.

To avoid extra configuration and settings, I recommend purchasing a domain name as well as web-hosting from the same provider.

A mail client is also necessary to manage all of your business emails.

What you’ll need:

  • Domain Name (FREE).
  • Web Hosting Plan
  • Email Hosting (FREE).
  • Mail client (FREE)

How to Make Your Own Email Address with Your Own Domain Name and Gmail

  1. Get a custom domain name and subscribe to a hosting plan that offers email hosting services. 
  2. Log in to your web hosting account and find the email services tab on your CPanel. 
  3. Connect your hosting account to Gmail services. Make sure all of your information is correct. 
  4. Verify your custom email address by forwarding and replying to a pseudo email. 

How to Create Your Own Email Domain Free of Charge

It is easy and free to create a custom email address. You already know that to create a website for your business or blog you will need web hosting and a domain name.

Many web hosting providers offer affordable domain names and hosting services. Domain names generally cost $9.99/year, while web hosting starts at $7.99/month. You will need to pay $4.99 per account for custom email addresses.

Bluehost offers FREE Custom Email addresses and FREE Domain Name. Before we get started with creating your custom email address, let me share some of the best features that Bluehost has to offer.

Bluehost Features

  • Free Custom Email Addresses
  • Free Email Clients (Horde. Roundcube. Squirrelmail).
  • Free Domain Name Registration (Worldwide Recognizable.COM)
  • SSL Certificate FREE (For Trustworthy and Highly Secure Sites)
  • FREE Domain Privacy
  • Free Outstanding Customer Support, Phone Support, and After Sales
  • FREE Office 365 Mailbox (30-day free trial)
  • Officially recommended by WordPress
  • Automated WordPress Installation
  • Worth $200 Marketing Offer
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Steps for Creating a Custom Email Address for Free

Setting up a Custom Email with Bluehost

  • Log in to your Bluehost. From the side navigation of the Bluehost dashboard, click the Email and Office tab.
  • Select Google Workspace as your email provider.
  • You have the freedom to choose your desired business email account based on your own domain.
  • Fill out the necessary information about your business.
  • Set the number of users and click add to cart.
  • Now head to the Email & Office tab.
  • Under the Email & Office tab, find the Forwarders section.
  • Click the ▼ icon underneath the Manage, then choose the preferred domain from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Click the Add Domain Forwarder button and choose from the list of options.

Using Hostinger to Create a Custom Email

  • Start in the Hosting CPanel dashboard.
  • Go to ‘Emails’ and then, click ‘Email Accounts.
  • From there, click Add new email account.
  • Fill out the username and password and click the Create button.
  • Your new email address will automatically appear under the Manage Email Accounts section once it’s successfully created.
  • Repeat the same steps to add another professional email address.

Creating a Custom Email with DreamHost

  • On the left of your DreamHost control panel, you’ll see a tab called Email.
  • Click on it, and select the Manage email option.
  • On the next screen, look for the button that says Create New Email Address.
  • Fill out the fields with your personal or business information and select your email address and the domain you want to use with it.

How To Make Your Custom Email Address and Domain on Google Itself

Google Workspaces allows you to pay for web hosting services, pick a domain name that points directly to your account, and sign up for its most basic price.

  • Visit the Google Workspaces page
  • Navigate to the ‘Pricing’ page.
  • Select the web hosting plan you want (choose the $4.20 starter if all you need is a custom email).
  • Click on Get Started.
  • Fill in the necessary information about your business.
  • You’ll get a prompt asking ‘Does your business have a domain’
  • Click on ‘No, I Need One and register.
  • Set up your account!

In conclusion, creating your own custom email address is a relatively easy process that can help you organize and personalize your online presence. By following these steps, you can create a unique address that will help you stay connected with friends and family. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to your trusted online resources for assistance.

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