How To Create A New Page in Your Blog

Welcome to All Tech About. Today we Discuss  How to Create a new page in your Blog. we add Pages in the Blog navigation bar or menu bar For your Reader We add Pages in your blog for help and search easily on your blog post. Pages are a useful and good way for bloggers to highlight your blog key features of their website. Blogger blog needs a ‘About us’, ‘Advertise Here’  and etc  it’s pages option is the Blog

Step 1: Open your G mail Account and Sign in to and open your blog Dashboard. Click on Pages Option.

Create a new page on your blog

if your Blog is pure new mean First Blog then Click on Create a new page.if you are old Click the “New Page” button.

Create A New Page in Your Blog
Create A New Page in Your Blog

Type the page title Which you want to Add And Create .add the page content your write  and then click “Publish.”

Create A New Page in Your Blog
Create A New Page in Your Blog

How to Add a Page to Blogger

When you Complete your Pages Create Option after it you need where you want to show this page on your blog then go to the blog layout

when you click on Add a Gadget new Bar will open Choose your Button Pages .you click on Pages gadget options.

Configure Page List will open and your page will show

and our page which we have added will show. if you want to add some link you click on the external link option. after the change, setting click on save option

After Save Setting Now view your blog to see your new pages and navigation bar

Now your Page will show on your Website.

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