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How To Create A Verified Facebook Fan page

Facebook is Very High Social Network Site.Today Facebook is King of Social Network Because its Ranking is 2 in top of site in the world First site is Google and Next is Facebook.Facebook user is in million and day by day it will be increase and Facebook is Biggest social network.Now we Start How To Create A Verified Facebook fan page.When any profile reached 5000 Friends you will not add more Friend after it you make a Fan page and Stay Connected with your friend and share your post etc .different type of Category  in Fan page.if you have any Business and any website if you want to make any Facebook fan page for your Business it is so easy.In the World Many top Company Make there own Facebook pages for there Business.The Promote there product on there page and share theme.Because  899 Million people Daily log in in Facebook . we also Discus how to create a Facebook business page.How To Create A Verified Facebook Fan page


Login To your Facebook Account Enter your username and Password and login to your Facebook Account

How to create a Facebook  Page

After Enter your Account Click Beside The Adverting

Looking Beside the Create Facebook Page How To Create A Verified Facebook Fan page


Go To This Link For Create  fan Page

Click on Which type of Page you want Create if you want





Now Click and And Create

How To Create A Verified Facebook Fan page


Fill up The fan page info

Enter page name and About your Self And Create How To Create A Verified Facebook Fan page

Click on Get Started

Now Start your Profile and Choose Picture and Add Cover Photo and Profile PhotoHow To Create A Verified Facebook Fan page

Write about your page and your self in Description and Save Go to “Setting”and Change setting add new admin etc and make some rule you can change .Use c panel of your fan page for any setting and Add some new things For Increase Your likes to invite your friend and Etc.if your Fan page is for your website then add your site URL in page.Update your fan page with new post You can also track your engagement. Promote  Your fan page and increase your post view and increase your post likes.invite your Facebook friend and Basic things if your want to increase your post likes and increase page like after post in your fan page share this post in groups and with your friend Etc it is helpful for you to increase your likes.

How To Verified a Facebook Business/Fan Page

Now It is important Part of Page Now Go To This Link

When your Page is verified its increase your post view and audience.How To Create A Verified Facebook Fan page

Select your page

Upload your National id Card Copy

Submit your Website URL How To Create A Verified Facebook Fan page


And Send your Application to Facebook Team After Verified the Mail you.

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