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How To Delete Your Facebook Search History

How To Delete Your Facebook Search History
Written by Bilal Tahir Khan

Facebook Searches is Same to Google Searches we Search anything on Facebook Our Search History Save .if we want to See our Search History we Easily See But Some People Want To Delete Their Search History.we Search On Facebook Fro song and Etc Our Search is Private But Some People Don’t want other people See Their Search if other Access To other Facebook user Account.Facebook is Biggest Social Network and Million of User and Share Videos on Facebook and People Search Different Things on Facebook.

How To Delete your Facebook Browsing Search History

First you Lo-gin to your Facebook Account.and open your Facebook Profile Click on Activity Log optionHow To Delete Your Facebook Search History

after click on activity log new bar option will show and we see in picture easily Click on “More” option in activity see easily OptionHow To Delete Your Facebook Search History

Many option Show beside you find Search option will show in picture How To Delete Your Facebook Search HistoryNow New Bar show your all Facebook browsing search show Clear history Option show on Top Now Click on Clear History all your search history show you can delete all history easily.How To Delete Your Facebook Search History

After Click on Clear History new option show Now Click on Clear “Searches”  Your All Search history Delete Easily.You all Searches Delete now and after it you search more things and you delete all your private Search historyHow To Delete Your Facebook Search History

Easily log in to your Account it is Not Scam way Safe and easy way you Try it Easily.Hope you Like this article and easily clear your history

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