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What is Difference Between in DoFollow and NoFollow Links

Written by Bilal Tahir Khan

New Blogger and other People Asked About Do-follow and No-follow Link.People asked what is  the Difference Between do follow and no-follow Link building Do-Follow is very important role.very one want to get Do follow Back link for their blog but mostly blog not give allow to get do follow link from their blogs. Do follow back link increase your blog page rank and increase your ranking in Google so it is very important.Now we Tell about what is Difference in Do-follow and No-follow Link.New Blogger not Difference clear in Do-follow and No-follow.What is Difference Between in DoFollow and NoFollow Links


Difference Between in DoFollow and NoFollow Links

Simple Do follow link is pass SEO.Mean it is Part of is hyperlink .it is tell all search engine and increase you page rank and increase your rank in search engine.

No Follow is opposite of Do follow Link it is also a hyperlink but not pass in search engine and not increase page is remove ability to remove pass link in search engine

What is Do Follow Link

Do Follow is Like a Html Search Engine Do follow Link Play important role to increase your Post in Search Engine.Back Link mean Get back link from other blog or website.

Example of Do Follow Link

<a herf=””>Google</a>

Your site URL and Name

What is No Follow Link

No Follow is also Html Tag.No Follow Link is Also Good.People It have no Value but it is also have is also part of Link Building. No-follow not allow to get Link from other show other blog now allow you to you get link from their is not crawl your site or link in search is not increase page rank ability.No Follow not Follow link of other website simple no follow mean is not follow some other.we drop our site link to other blog or website if it is no-follow it is not follow your link.Type of No follow link.

  • Robots meta tag
  • Link attribute  


Example of No Follow Link

<a herf=”” rel=”no-follow”>Google</a>

What is The No-follow Tag and How To use and Follow or not Follow

This info graphic is written buy Search land we use search land info graphicWhat is Difference Between in DoFollow and NoFollow Links


  • Do Follow Link Pass SEO Juice Google Love
  • And No Follow Not Pass

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