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Are you a student or perhaps an office worker? And if you find yourself scratching your head in need of an online converter. Fret no more; this online tool is perfect for easing those worries of yours away. PDFBear is a web-based tool that can help you address the hassle of converting your files into your desired format. You may find various other web-based applications; however, with PDFBear, you can assure the quality of your outputs and the security of your files. It also can be your word to PDF converter online.  

PDF Converter

PDF files have become convenient for the different industries, especially with the current happenings worldwide, which hindered and lessened face-to-face interactions. What if your file was a Word Document or an HTML or an Excel one, and you need it to be in PDF format? How do you do that? Simple, PDFBear will help you accomplish your task and provide you with a quality PDF file right after.

PDF conversion is easy. Select the file which you wish to convert. PDFBear will auto-detect your file’s current format and then convert it upon clicking the convert button. After this, you can choose whether to download and save it or instantly send or share it to whoever you intend the file to be.

PDFBear: Word to PDF Converter

The most common file that most people use is the Word Document. In the Word Document app, you get to type and edit essential details such as contacts, notes, etc. It is where you can freely place the necessary data which you need. Then here comes the part where you wish to send it, but you also would like the receiver not to change the data or details written on the document. How do you do that? This instance is when you can convert your Word Document into a PDF file. It will allow your file to keep the necessary data on your file and hinder the receiver from making any changes as it will be a read-only file.

With PDFBear, you do not have to download any application to access it. Using this tool, you will achieve having your Word Document file to have a PDF format at the tips of your fingers. Additionally, you do not need to register or add an email address unless you wish to subscribe to the tool and access more of its features available to its premium users. All you would ever need to use this super convenient web-based tool is a device like your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and a stable internet connection.

Accessible Everywhere

Wherever you may be, you can easily use PDFBear. Whether you would need it to convert your files to PDF and even merge or split or delete a few pages from your PDF file, this online tool is the right find for you.

Besides converting your files to PDFs, you can also convert your PDF files to Word Document, Excel, and even JPG. Plus, PDFBear also has a feature that allows you to add protection to your sensitive documents. Using the lock feature, you can add a password to your files, whether you send it or save it on your device. You can guarantee that it will keep your files secure. 

Of course, you would wish your files to be safe; hence PDFBear assures you that your uploaded files get deleted after an hour of being in the system. You can relax as the tool has an automatic deletion, which leaves no trace of your file being there in the first place.

Multifunctional Online Tool

You will find many, a hundred, or maybe thousands of other applications to convert your files. However, PDFBear is not only for file conversion. It offers several other features that can address your different needs, too.

If you want to merge several files and arrange them accordingly, PDFBear can help you with that. If you require a tool that allows you to split your PDF pages or extract a page or two, PDFBear is also available to aid you. If you have corrupted files and wish to recover them somehow, PDFBear can provide you with the tool that can help you retrieve it and make your files functional once again.

Thus, with PDF Bear, you have a multifunctional online tool, perfect for satisfying your specific needs. Try it out now for all your PDF needs.

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