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Website authority which is more commonly known as domain authority is a seo concept that you should also get familiar with. This concept refers to the strength or credibility of the given domain. In this context, we are going to tell you about the best domain authority checker tools and why there is a need for checking domain authority. If domain authority and all of this mantra excite you, then you must read this two-minute content till the very end and find out every minute detail about this concept!

Domain authority is important to check, and there is no doubt about it. The question is on its need, and the answer to it is quite simple. If you want to get featured on the search engine, then the only way you can achieve it is by putting your site on the top ranks. A website can only get to the top ranks if it is connected with the best quality backlinks. There are more than two billion websites on the internet, and it can be very difficult for you to shortlist a few for backlinking. If you want to rate the sites on the value of their quality, then you can do so with only a single metric which is also known as Moz domain authority.

All websites are not equal and cannot be ranked as equal, but you must know that the DA ranking system can help you in setting an authentic bar in this regard!

What you can do with the domain authority checker results!

Checking the domain authority through online tools can provide you with the following information:

  • You can use the data to determine the exact position of a website in comparison with similar websites in the industry.
  • You can use the data also to monitor your marketing efforts.
  • You can easily know which website is improving and how your competition is stacking up.
  • You can use the data to do a more effective search engine optimization.
  • You can also find the best backlinks for your website or page!

Factors that can affect the domain authority of a website

Domain authority depends on multiple aspects, and some of them are listed below for you guys!

  • Referring to root domains or referral links.
  • The backlinks that are voting for your website.
  • The quality of the links attached to your platform.
  • How much content is contained on the website?
  • Age of the domain as in from the time it first went live on the web.
  • The amount of social signaling.
  • Quality of the content on the website.
  • The loading speed of the page.
  • And lastly Moz trusts!

The best way to keep your authority on the upper score is by keeping intact the quality of the backlinks on the website. You can use the backlink checker tools to monitor the health of the links!

The Best Domain Authority Checker Tools.

Now there are dozens of domain authority checker tools available online but not all of them are reliable, so we have listed out the best tools for you guys!

Domain Authority Checker by SmallSeoTools

The domain authority checker by smallseotools is a free online tool with extravagant features. This website da checker tool has many benefits than other domain authority checker websites. This domain rank checker allows you to check website score unlimited time in a single day. This site da checker is not only free but is among the most reliable tool on the internet.

The beauty of this DA checker is that it does not limit you in the checking of the domain score of your website, but it also helps you know that domain authority score of other websites, these can also include your competition. It is a top-rated tool that can be used by anyone who has no prior knowledge about domain score checking.

Domain analysis tool by Moz

The domain analysis tool which is also known as domain authority checker tool is one of the best programs for this purpose and this is also because Moz is the very platform that gave in the concept of domain authority and its importance in search engine optimization! The use of this tool is very much easy; you have to open the website on your browser and enter the domain link in the tool. After completing input, you have to press the ‘analyze domain’ button under the designated URL bar. This would help you get accurate results in less than a few seconds!

This domain authority checker tool has integrations with over 40 trillion indexes and more than 800 million keywords. According to recent reports, this checker tool has analyzed over seven trillion pages!

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