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How To Add/Enable HTTPS For Secure Your BlogSpot Blog

How To AddEnable HTTPS For Secure Your BlogSpot Blog
Written by Bilal Tahir Khan

Million of Free Blog on Blogger.Daily People Make new Blog and Delete.You Have also a Know Google Update Blog and Add New Feature of HTTPS in (Hyper-text transfer protocol) S (secure)Security has always been an issue for users who have blogs on BlogSpot domain.Blogger is Safe But some Virus and Other Error Show So it is Important to Use HTTP For your Blog.Google Blogger is a great platform for creating any kinds of blog. It is serving their all products free of cost.As such, you all know about the HTTPS that it adds extra security to your blogs by encrypting it. Mostly the hosting companies provide that services to add it with your custom domain e.g; https:// is great for the security of data as it encrypts the data transferred between users & a website. Especially it protects them from common hacking practices such as data sniffing & man-in-the-middle-attack.When you enable HTTPS, visitors can access the encrypted version of your blog by typing https://<your-blog>

Important : You will not be able to enjoy this service on your custom domain.

How to Enable HTTPS Support your BlogSpot Blog For free

First Sign in to Blogger.
Select the blog to update
Login to your BlogSpot dashboard
Click on the dropdown & go to your blog settingsHow To AddEnable HTTPS For Secure Your BlogSpot Blog
On the left menu Template -> Settings->
Go to Settings > Basics & look for HTTPS Settings option
From the HTTPS availability dropdown,
Find HTTPS settings  Yes or NoHow To AddEnable HTTPS For Secure Your BlogSpot Blog
In HTTPS Availability, select Yes.How To AddEnable HTTPS For Secure Your BlogSpot Blog
Select yes & save the option.After following the steps above you will successfully enable HTTPS on your blog and will make it more secure.

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Benefits of  Securing Blogger Blog with HTTPS

HTTPS makes the Internet security harder it is very Safe
Visitors are now able to open the correct website.Some time Site not Open After That it will open Easily.

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it is very Good News For All Free User Who use you see the then you would see blogger is now turned into HTTPS, which means Blogger is now more secured and stronger than before. Google is giving this service free of cost.if you Face any problem Freely Contact us.Give your Feed Back.Thank you.

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