25+ Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

Facebook is the Biggest and Top Social Network Site in The World. Million of the active users on Facebook.we use Facebook on Daily Base. Different Type Things we see on Facebook.Facebook Update Daily I Main in Seconds.In 1 Sec People Share Thousand of Text, Photo, and Videos and other things on Facebook.

How to make your Facebook profile picture a video

Open your Facebook Profile and Go your profile
Change your profile picture
Record the video
Preview video and select thumbnail
Your video is now live
Setting up a profile video is very easy. your profile picture and then choose either Take a New Profile Video or Upload Video or Photo.you can record a new video.
we can select a video that is 7 seconds or less.

How to Schedule Facebook Messages

if you want to Post Some Status on Facebook you Can Share on Schedule. You Choose time When your Want to Share. And Post.

Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know
Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

How To Edit Your Published Comments

if you Comments on another post you can Edit Easily.

Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know
Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

How to Download Facebook Photo Albums

Facebook allow their user to Download Photo and Videos Albums From Facebook. You Can Easily Download Photo Albums From Facebook.
Download FB Album mod Google Chrome Extension

How To Removing Your Last Name in Your Facebook Profile

Open Mozilla Firefox (Firefox is required for this hack to work)
Go to Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Connection Settings -> Manual Proxy Configuration
In the HTTP Proxy field, enter, port 8080, or use any Indonesian Proxy.
On your Facebook profile, go to Account settings — > Change Language to BAHASA INDONESIA
Remove your middle name & last name.

Choose Who Can See You on Facebook’s Online Chat

if you don’t want to Share You Chat with Your Friends. you can Make your Chat Off For your friends. Add Custom friend Who can See your chat. Click on Advance Chat Setting.

Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know
Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

Click the ‘Settings’ icon at the bottom of the chat section

Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know
Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

, go to “Advanced Settings” and make your choice.

Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know
Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

How To Making Your Profile Photo Un-clickable

Go to your Albums – > Profile Pictures
Select your current profile picture.
Adjust privacy setting to “Only Me”

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How To Change Your Facebook Relationship Status

Relationship” section.

Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know
Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

Hit “Edit” on the upper right corner, and change your privacy settings

Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know
Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

to “Only Me.

How to Remove Facebook Advertisements

Log into Facebook on a desktop computer and go to your Ads Manager.
Click Account Settings in the top menu. You may be asked to re-enter your Facebook password.
Scroll down to the end of the page.
Click the Deactivate Ad Account link at the bottom of the page.
Click Deactivate Ad Account in the bottom
You can Use AdBlocker if you Use Google Chrome

How To Stop Notifications After Commenting

You Comment on any post on your Friends Wall and other Like in Group. Other users also comment on Status and Picture your Get Notification you can easily Stop Notification After Commenting.

How to Display Selected Pictures Only on your Facebook Profile Page

You can make your profile Picture Personal. Make Privacy on your profile. Nobody Click your Facebook Picture.

Discover Messages that Facebook Hides

Open your Facebook Dashboard now Click on Messages and Click on Other

Discover Messages that Facebook Hides
Discover Messages that Facebook Hides

How To Customize Your “Posted Via” Line Text How to Setup Facebook Texts

First Click on Settings.
Now Click on Mobile and you should see your current phone number listed if you have added one.
Activate the Text Messaging button below your number.
Now you’ll see Text Activated next to your number and you’ll see new options down at the bottom like Facebook Messages, Daily Text Limit, and Time of Day.

How to Get Facebook Updates on Email

Now Choose Settings.
Click Notifications in the left column and then click Email.
Click Text Message and then click Edit to turn text notifications on or off.

Change your Status Update Font in Facebook

Go TO FlipText, a fun Facebook trick that automatically turns everything you write upside down. Just a simple copy/paste and your post are flipping. You Can Make up and down Text For Facebook.

How To Turn Off Facebook Sounds

if you do not want sounds of text and Notification you Turn off Facebook sounds.
Click Facebook and select Settings
Click Notifications in the left column
Click View next to On Facebook
Off and Save

Always Watch HD Facebook Videos

Nowadays People Share a lot of videos on Facebook. People Like HD videos. we Can Turn on the HD Videos option.
Go to Settings -> Videos -> Video Default Quality.

How To Stop Facebook Auto-Play Videos

After Facebook Update Thousand of Facebook Face this problem Auto-play videos on their New Feed.
Settings -> Videos -> Auto-play Videos – > Off.
On iPhone go to Settings -> Videos & Photos -> Auto-play -> Never Play Videos Automatically.
On Android go to Settings -> App Settings – > Video Auto-play -> Off.

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How to Secure Your Facebook Account

Make your Facebook account Secure. Try to use a Strong Password.
Settings -> Security -> Login Approvals -> On

How To Turn Off Facebook Birthday Notifications

if you want to Turn Off Facebook Birthday Notification. So Turn Off Easily.
Facebook -> Notifications -> Birthdays -> Edit -> Off.

How To Download All Your Facebook Data

if you want to All Photo and videos and all other Date you have on Facebook want to Download .it is Very Easily.
Facebook -> Settings -> Download a copy of your Facebook data.
22 Set Trusted Contacts
Go to Settings -> Trusted Contacts -> Choose trusted contacts -> Choose Trusted Contacts again -> Enter the names of several you trust and click Confirm.

How To Log Out of Facebook Remotely

Now Click on the Facebook homepage and select Settings
Click Security from the left column
Click Where You’re Logged In
Find the session you want to end and click End Activity

How To Stop Others From Tagging You on Facebook

On the homepage of your profile, click the settings button.
From the drop-down list that appears, click Settings.
General Accounts Settings page that opens up, select Timeline and Tagging
On the Timeline and Tagging page that opens up, click the Edit link representing the Review posts friend tag you in before they appear on your timeline heading.
Click the Disable button.
Enabled and click the Close link to save the changes.

How To Make Free Video Calls to Facebook Friends

we can make free calls with friends. if we have to use the iPhone we Make Free Calls.if it Free of Cost.

How To Send and Receive Money On Facebook

Open a chat with the friend you want to send money to
Click $ and enter the amount you want to send
Click Next to add your debit card and then click Pay.

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