How To Get Free DoFollow Backlinks From Google Drive PR8

How To Get Free DoFollow Backlinks From Google Drive PR8.Google is a Top Search Engine and King of Search Engine. you Create Free DoFollow Backlinks From Google.Google Drive is Google Features File. Who uses Internet First he Use Google After to do something Google is the main part of the internet. Everyone want to get Backlink From Google drive it is Easy and can create page rank 8 DoFollow Backlink From Google helps you to increase your site page rank and increase traffic. and help to rank your blog on Google.

How To Get Free DoFollow Backlinks From Google Drive PR8

Google is Free For All Internet User and a great part of the Internet without Google Internet is Boring. How to Get Build Backlink From Google Drive is Simple

Step 1: You Need G mail Account Lo-gin to your G mail account and if you do not then Go to This

Step2: Link you open your Gmail account beside the bar you show This and Click on Drive after this google Drive open

Step 3: Now open your Google Drive Account

Step 4: Now Click on New and Create New Folder and give Folder name and click on Create

Step 5: After Create press left button on Mouse New bar show Click on Share

and New new bar open Share with others you click on Advance

Step 6:Now See Folder Show Private you Click on Change

Now Click on Public on the web  and save after creating Folder and Make Public everyone Access you on your folder and web easily

Step 7: Now open you open Notepad in Computer and copy this Code Below

<title>High Pagerank backlinks</title>

<h2>Free Backlinks to your Website</h2>
<h1> <a href=””>ALL Tech About </a></br>
<a href=””> ALL Tech About </a></h1></center>

When you copy This code only Change and replace with your website blog URL

Step 8: Now Save This File Backlink.Html Carefully save in.Html 

Step 9: Now click on the file which you have created and Left Click and upload a file which you have to save in you computer.upload.Html file after when uploading complete then click on details you can see the box

Step 10: You Have done and Create Do follow backlink on Google drive.if you want to see your backlink which you have created then copy Link shown in the image after this copied code you copy this link code here

after this write this code


 Which you have copy above in picture now you  wite together

you see Easily Now you Get How To Get Free DoFollow Backlinks From Google Drive PR8. Hope you like This if you need any help in Google drive backlink and other blogging help Freely Contact us via comments

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  1. Hello, Muniba,

    So, this is completely legitimate and all white hat technique? Was wondering if you had a service to offer to provide this for folks because if it’s completely legit and on the up and up, then you could make money by doing this for other people.

    Just a thought. It is good that you provided screen shots because most folks like visual aides to go by. I’m a visual learner and this really helps.

    Excellent article, Muniba, and I appreciate you sharing it.

    Have a good evening and Happy New Year!


  2. I followed each and every step very carefully as you mentioned here and finally I got a PR8 backlink. Thanks a ton. This is the first link that I have created for this new site of mine. I am not very good at backlinking but now I will bookmark your site and go through all the posts to find out more such ways of backlinking. Do you have newsletters? If yes then please add my mailing address to the list.

  3. Thank you for the article! I will give it a try and let you know if it worked for me!

    By the way: I discovered a little typo in Step 10, it says “Whcich” but I think it should say “Which”.
    Still nice to read and a nice step by step tutorial.

  4. Hi there,
    I just searched the Internet for the best practical information about… How can I increase my online business success.? So I am very happy that I found this excellent post! Very good tips can be found on this page, which I personally never thought. Thank you for sharing this great article!



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