How do I Access the Deep Web Safely

We are all aware of the normal web which we access in our day to day life. But there is a part of the internet hidden from the normal world. In general, we are only accessing about 4% of the total internet. The remaining 96% of the internet is often termed as the deep web. The dark web is a smaller subset of this deep web, and is not conventionally accessible to the whole world.The question rages here is ‘How do I access the deep web?’ Before we take a closer look on how one can access the deep web or dark web, it is important that we understand what deep or dark web really means.

What exactly is the Dark Web?

In general, it is truly difficult to map out exactly what the dark web is. Dark web is considered to be a smaller subset of the deep web sites, which is only accessible using special software and configuration. The main feature of the dark web is that the user surfing on it is anonymous. The dark web is the ‘bad part’ of the deep web, where all sorts of illicit and criminal activities are carried on without any supervision or intervention of the law enforcement agencies. The dark web got its name from Mike Bergman in the year 2000.

Now another question arises – Is the dark web different from the normal web and is it legal? The content flowing around the dark web is different from the normal web. Most of it is illegal. These content include links to abusive and offensive videos such as child pornography and revenge porn, or even links to hire black hat services like contract killing, black hat hacker, and subscription to dangerous malware etc. It is also important to understand that accessing the dark web is not illegal per se, but getting involved in criminal activities and mal practices is. A person is solely responsible for what he/she does while surfing on the dark web. The dark web is a very dangerous and unpredictable place, and it can land a person into a lot of trouble if he/she is not careful. Now, this article will answer the question ‘How do I access the dark web?’

Accessing the Deep Web

Owing to its anonymity, the deep web can only be accessible by using special software and configuration. So you cannot just simply start surfing the dark web with your normal web browser. A special web browser is required. One such browser is Tor, which is available free online. Also, basic knowledge of antiviruses, JavaScript cookies and anti-malware is required for safe access of the deep web.

Tor browser is one of the most famous dark web browsers available in the market for free. It is specifically designed to protect you from the harmful activities going on around the dark web, while also maintaining the user anonymity. Your online activity cannot be tracked or surveyed by any third party, and hence your identity remains hidden all the time.

But just using the Tor web browser is not the answer for how do I access the deep web. You must also understand what deep web links to open and surf, since the Tor browser won’t provide you with them. One of the best ways to know which links to surf is by using the hidden wiki. A hidden wiki contains the links mapping the whole of dark web, and you can easily land on the content you are looking for. Any link which has an .onion suffix is compatible with the Tor browser, and can be easily opened.

Above all, it is the responsibility of the user surfing the dark web to understand the consequence and repercussions of getting involved in criminal activities over the internet. No amount of anonymity can guarantee safety to the users, and if caught, the punishment can be severe. The hidden wiki has thousands and thousands of links stored in their databases, and it easy to wander off into a place where you don’t belong. Therefore, users must exercise extreme caution while surfing the dark web.

The Last Words

The above steps must be followed to access the dark web. Since the Tor browser does not provide you with what links to visit, the user must themselves search for the URLs. A good amount of research and patience is required while surfing on the dark web, as it is very easy to land up somewhere illegal. The dark web is real and growing every day. It is not all bad and not all good, and it completely depends on the user using the dark web for his/her needs and requirements. Carelessness on the dark web may lead a person to a lot of trouble, and it might ruin his/her life. It is therefore recommended that careful steps and measures are taken before diving deep down into the world of the dark web. So this article answers the question ‘how do I access the deep web?’

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