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How To Apply For Google News And Add Your Website/Blog in Google News

How To Apply For Google News And Add Your Website/Blog in Google News
Written by Bilal Tahir Khan

Google is Biggest Source of Traffic.You know about google News feature Daily and Hour New Share on Google New.Million of Traffic Gain They News Blog.Google News is Very Good and Safe Way To Drive Traffic From Search engine.How do I get my blog approved by Google News?.You Know People Like News and also want to know about World News Etc.Google News is Best Source of Traffic. if Our Blog approve for Google News we Drive Million of Traffic From Google News.How to get my site approved by Google News.

How to Get A Blog Approved and Listed in Google News Fast

1 – Your Website/Blog  Theme

Blog Theme play Very Important Role in Approve.Google Like Attractive Blog and Theme.if our Blog Look is Good Then our Blog Approve for Google News.Make you Blog Good Remove Bad Things.Like Extra things on Your Blog.Make your Blog Theme Like Magazine.Choose a professional template or layout for your website.

2 – Website/Blog  Age

Age is very Important for Google products.For google News blog age 3 months.if your Blog age is 1 year it is best for your and helps you in approval.

3 – Minimum Site Traffic (Organic and Social)

Traffic doesn’t Matter nowadays.No traffic requirement as of now.But you Have to need good Traffic and Active user.

4 – Minimum Post

if your Blog Have 500+ posts and Original can Drive Good Traffic.You know if your Post-Good we can Drive Good Traffic from a Search engine.

5 – Grammar 

Grammar is very very important Role in approval.When we submit our Blog for Google News Google Team Check our Blog Content and Mostly Grammar.Because of News Show in All worldwide.Google Want to provide Good Things to their User.Google provide Good quality Content for their user.if your website doesn’t have proper grammar then your application will be declined without any hesitation.

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6 – About Us and Contact Pages

Your Website must be complete with all required info.Your website must have pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy policy.Sitemap and an Authors page.all pages are very important for approval.

7 – Update Blog Content

You must publish a good number of articles per day.if your Blog has Good and Fresh content Google like your Site.Update your Blog Daily and in Hour after 1-hour update your is Good Things for your and help you to get approval Fast.Share New content after 1 hour.

8 – Multiple Authors

Make 4 or More is Good Thing for your Blog.When you apply For Google News.Google Team See your Blog.if you have Multiple authors it helps you for approval.

9 – Categories

You write a post of Different Categories.You must divide content into helps To Your Blog user to Find related Post Easily it is Very Good For your user and Google Like it.

10 – Don’t Do this 

Do not post about Job Updates, Notifications, and How-To Guides.if you Post About Job and Other Things Google Disapprove your application.Google Don’t Like this type of Shit.if you posting about jobs and job notifications is completely against Google News TOS.

11 – Focus on quality

Write High-Quality Content and Fresh.Main Focus on quality if your Content is Fresh Google like it and Give your Authority.and Help you to approve your Account Fast in Google News.

12 – Mobile Friendly

Most Important Thing is Make your Blog Mobile Friendly. if your Blog is not Mobile Friendly Google News Disapprove your application.

13 – Title & Keywords

Use Proper Title and keywords in in your Blog.Write Title Related to News and Use Proper keywords SEO Friendly Title and Post.

14 – Article URLs

Make Permalink Related to your Post.if your URL is Post Related it is Best SEO article and Google like it.So Make sure use Article Related URL.

15 – Publish original content on your website

Write Original Content.Find New Story and Share Fresh Content. Don’t Copy Other content.Write fresh Article and Published on your Blog.

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16 – Videos or images on your website

Share Videos or images on your website relevant to news content.when you Share any news also make a videos related to news it is good Effect and help you to Get approval Fast.

17 – Create A Google News Sitemap

Create a Google News Sitemap it Is Very important.if you use google Yoast SEO Plugin it is Help you to add sitemap in your Blog.Google News sitemap will have only a maximum of 1000 URLs in the index at a time.Make your Blog Sitemap and Submit it.

How to Submit Blog to Google News

First Open your Browser and

Open This Request for inclusion in Google News Link.And Go to Main Page of Google News FormHow To Apply For Google News And Add Your WebsiteBlog in Google NewsAfter Click on this New Page will Show How To Apply For Google News And Add Your WebsiteBlog in Google News

Contact information
First name
Last name
Email address
Site information
Source URL
Source Name
Site Language
Select all categories that apply to the content on your site
News sections information
Fill all This Form and Submit to Google News Team.Generally, it takes 2-5 days to know whether your application is accepted or rejected. If in case it’s rejected you have to wait for 90 more days. So, give your best on the first attempt itself.

if you face any problem Freely Contact us.Give your Feed Back.Thank you.

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