How To Attach Opensrs Domain with

How To Attach Opensrs Domain with
Written by Bilal Tahir Khan

OpenSRS is a Tucows Internet services is Good platform for resellers of Domain Names, Hosted Email, SSL Certificates and Security and other Privacy this we know how to attach opensrs domain with domain from reseller after buy you want to attach with it is very easy method to attach domain with

Logging in to OpenSRS

First after buy Domain You can log in to OpenSRS via
Enter your Domain address
User Name
Now Login to your Account

How To Configure Opensrs Domain with

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After Login to account Dashboard will show.Click on your see you account setting and other thing.How To Attach Opensrs Domain with

Now Go to Create Blog or if you have any blog then open your blog.if you have not account you easily create with gmail and Sign in your Account.Change your Blog address.Enter your Domain name and try to Save it.How To Attach Opensrs Domain with

Configure your OpenSRS domain

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when you try to save setting it will give some error Don’t Be worried about it Now you give your domain address and Copy Name label and Host,target you can show in Picture copy www and Google and also copy other under click on save if you not want not any problem.How To Attach Opensrs Domain with

Comeback to your domain panel To change your Name Servers or DNS, click Name Servers/DNS .3 option show you can Install with 3 method but in 2nd method DNSSEC.How To Attach Opensrs Domain with

again go to blogger and conform DNS Now copy DNS you Show in Picture.How To Attach Opensrs Domain with

Now Paste First DNS in First Sub domain and Hostname.add other DNS and Click on Save DNS.

after add DNS and Complete all show DNS update Successfully.

when you see your blogger all error remove and your Domain Active and up you can see in Picture.

You easily Change and attach DNS with you Need any help in this post you can Freely contact us.leave comments.Give your Feedback.
Thank you

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