How To know if a Website is Reliable or Not

People search on the internet and work and more other activities. Some time the reached spam(risk) site the face problem. Most People Do online Shopping. Buy thing and the worried about it is site is Trustworthy or not?.if site not reliable website scam with it very important to know the site is reliable or this post you know about How To know if a Website is Reliable or Risk.

How to Check if a Website is Trustworthy or not?

Website Design

First of all check website Design and check the website it is Open or not if the site will not open leave this site.

Website address

Check the Website Address. website Domain Address. Check website link in Search engine and see it show in a search engine or not.


if site will show in google then little trust on it.and also check domain
.com , .net , .org,


when you open site Check the last post when the site owner published the last post check date.Good and Reliable site daily or weekly update their it is very important to check the site update.

Contact Information

Good Website also adds Contact us Page on their is Good Impression for the visitor the easily contact site owner and team.


check the Authors and admin page who maintained the website is also a good way to know the site is Trustworthy or not?

WOT {Web Of Trust}

Wot is Web extension it is available mostly all web can download it easily and free.

Go to Mywot and download Extension.

After download, it will show beside the browser.

Now when you open a web browser it will show in all posts if we search SEO words in the search engines you can see in picture good website show green.

How To know if a Website is Reliable or Not
How To know if a Website is Reliable or Not

if Red Show it is spam or scam website.

How To know if a Website is Reliable or Not
How To know if a Website is Reliable or Not

So not Trust on risk can easily know the site is trust bale or not.

Alexa Rank

Nowadays Alexa ranks not important in Seo. But Alexa shows website popularity. some People Use fake methods to increase Alexa can also check the website in Alexa.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is very important in the Online Shopping website. if any shopping website uses an SSL can easily trust show it will trustable.

Do all things before Check Website is Reliable or Not.if you Need Any help about Blogging Freely contact us. Give your Feedback

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