How To Submit Your Blog or Website to DMOZ Directory{Step By Step Guide}

DMOZ is an Article Directory and Very Famous and authority Website. Every Blogger Wants to add a website in DMOZ. If you are more interested in DMOZ features, benefits, and history, etc then just click on Wikipedia of Dmoz for more. How to Submit a Website to DMOZ.Google Like DMOZ very Much and rank website very fast and Easy.if we have backlink of DMOZ it is very very helpful for our website. Now Go to

How to Get Your Website Listed in DMOZ?

The following are the few quick but useful ways to get your blog listed in DMOZ it will help you in Next.
DMOZ provides you some tips to submit your own website, read the DMOZ rules and regulations for submission.
Create Quality Content:
Like we have said in past, content is king. No matter what your niche is, always create content for users not for search engines.
Select a Proper Niche:
Select Good Niche Related to your interest. DMOZ always look for Niche sites, which are not only established but also focus on a proper niche, like at
Fewer Ads, More Content: Make good Content On Your Site. Don’t put a lot of advertisements on your site, give more importance to content. You might have seen sites full of pop-ups and etc. Try to avoid them if you really want to get through the DMOZ directory.
Don’t lose Hope

How to Find Your Correct DMOZ Sub Directory

Select Language
Submit Website and Website Description
Submit your site to DMOZ directory:
1 –Open DMOZ Directory
2 –Go to search.

How to Submit Your Site to DMOZ
How to Submit Your Site to DMOZ

3 – Think about your biggest competitor and search for them. Eg: If your site is about technology updates, then select your competitor as Your Niche Related or etc.
4 – Once you search your competitor, you will see their site listed in the DMOZ directory. (note: choose the oldest, biggest competitor)
5 – You can view their listed category in DMOZ search page. See the below screenshot.
6 – Choose a subcategory,
which are located below the alphabet links in the top center of the page.
Continue to choose subcategories until you are at the lowest possible category
Soon after you go there, you will find an option called Suggest URL.
Click on the URL and submit your information. Make sure all your information is accurate and relevant
7 – Site Url: URL of your website
Title of Site: Name of your website
Site Description: Description of your Website
Your email address
Review the top-level categories and click on the most appropriate category to fit the website that you will be submitting.
8 – Fill Up this form and submit it.

How to Submit Your Site to DMOZ
How to Submit Your Site to DMOZ

Read the guidelines and rules thoroughly that are on the website submission page. How to check your blog for DMOZ Listing?
if you Need Any Help Freely Contact us. Give your Feedback. Thank you.

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