How To Install Yoast WordPress SEO And Configuration

SEO is Very important Part of Blog/website. WordPress SEO plugin Yoast is very important and Helpful.Yoast is Most usable plugin in WordPress alot of people mostly use yoast.Wordpress Seo yoast is Free in WordPress official .you can install it free if you want to buy yoast pro pack then you visit yoast official site.Now we Discuss How To Install And Yoast WordPress SEO Configuration.You can use it simple and Yoast is king of WordPress Search engine optimization.simple setup to yoast Setting  is very easy .

How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

First Find Yoast in plugin and Install and Active

How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast
How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

1 : First Setp is Installation
2 :Yoast General Settings
3: Plugin Titles and Metas
4: Social,Facebook,Google plus,etc
5: Google XML Sitemaps
6:Seo plugin Permalinks
7:Yaost post Internal Links
8:Yoast plugin RSS Import and Export
9: SEO Bulk Title Editor
10:Yoast Bulk Description Editor
11:After post Edit files
12:Plugin Extensions
General Settings
Page Analysis
Advanced Post

Social is very important 

Now you can Add Yoast plugin Easily

How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast
How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

Yoast WordPress SEO: General Settings

For configuration of yoast plugin go to yoast Dashboard .if you want to Rest Configuration then click on button if you want to tour of yoas then click on tour. complete Website Design and Development


WordPress Seo allow to Track Post Date and User Date it is important if you want to track then Allow Tracking of this WordPress install anonymous data

Secuity :

This is use for seacure your data and user and secure your seo setting

Webmaster Tools Verification




Pint rest


Webmaster verification is very important Because without this your post will not show in search engine So after write post you submit your post in webmaster tools Search engine.yoast allow to after add your site in search engine you add code in Yoast Seo after this click on Save Charges

Yoast WordPress SEO : Titles & Metas 

next setp when you click on title and metas new bar will be show

Title Setting

Sitewide meta settings
Noindex subpages of archives
Use meta keywords tag?
Add noodp meta robots tag sitewide
Add noydir meta robots tag sitewide


Title template
Meta description template

And Click on Save

 Post Types



 Post types Page and Click on Save changes


Change Setting in taxonomies


Author Archives

Date Archives

Special Pages
404 pages click on Save Changes

 Seo WordPress variables 

Yoast WordPress SEO : Social

Yoast WordPress Seo is help to share your post on social media and other networks


You Add your website url in Url place and Click on Save


Add Twitter user name


Add Google publish page

Yoast WordPress SEO:XML Sitemaps

XML sitemap is so important and necessary.xml play very important role in Search engine .Now submit XML sitemap in Webmaster tools .

Yoast WordPress SEO:Permalinks

Permalinks is important in you can easily custom your permalinks

Yoast WordPress SEO:Internal Links

Yoast WordPress SEO:RSS

%%AUTHORLINK%%         A link to the archive for the post author, with the authors name as anchor text.
%%POSTLINK%%                 A link to the post, with the title as anchor text.
%%BLOGLINK%%                 A link to your site, with your site’s name as anchor text.
%%BLOGDESCLINK%%      A link to your site, with your site’s name and description as anchor text.

Yoast WordPress SEO:Import & Export

Yoast WordPress SEO:Bulk Editor

Yoast WordPress SEO:Edit Files

Yoast WordPress SEO:Extensions


This is help u to improve your SEO and Make your Ranking good in Search Engine.

 Page Analysis 

Focus keyword

in this post if you need any help comment us contact us

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