The Ultimate Guide to SEO Link Building For Better Ranking

link Building is a Very Important part of SEO. Link Building is one of the most important things which has to increase your Blog Traffic. People think it is a waste of time but it is not a waste of time it is very helpful for your blog/website. Back-link Boost your Blog in SERP. People write about Link Building About not solving our confession. we Do Link Building For Rank our blog and Post on Google and other Search engines.

Google does not Say we Do Link Building without Link building We do not rank our posts in Search Engine time Our Good content and Fresh High Content rank In Search Engine but our all posts do not rank. if we do link-building hope our all post rank better.

Link building for SEO is getting links from other sites back to your own site. There are two kinds of links you want to build. First, earned links, which are links where external sources choose to cite you.

Second, created links, such as the links you get in content or your bio.

The link that goes from another site to yours is Called Backlink. Backlink Improve your Search Engine ranking your SEO.

we Make Backlink From Different Types But if our backlink is natural it is Good For our Blog. People use Different Method For Backlink. but I Suggest you Make Natural Backlink Google love natural Backlink and it is white hat SEO.

  1. Google bots discover content by following links. Without any links to it, your content may never be found by Google.
  2. Links are one of the most important SEO ranking factors. The more high-quality links you can get, the higher your content should rank.
  • Internal links, which are links on your site to your own content
  • Outbound links, which are links from your site to other sites
  • Inbound links also called backlinks, which are links from other sites to your site
  • Dofollow, which are normal links that pass link authority and SEO rank to the target sites
  • Nofollow, which are links marked with a bit of HTML code to indicate that the site owner doesn’t want to pass authority and rank to the target site

Blog Commenting:

Blog Commenting is the very Best Save Method it makes a relationship with the reader and writer and also makes the link. Go to Search Engine and find your Related Blog After it open the Blog post and Read and at last, write a comment having 200 words.if you write a short post own thing you only get backlinks so write 200 words Comments about their blog post and appreciate the Blog writer. Stay Connected with friends’ blogs and comments on your friend’s blogs. Blog commenting is a very simple and easy way and you easily get a backlink.

Guest Posting :

Now I think every new and old blogger writes Guest posts Some people write for backlinks some People share their knowledge through to the famous blog. Guest Posting is a very Good Method to get backlinks if you write a guest post you add your link in a post and your link is not removed.because your post is not removed and the same with your link. you Write Guest post on High Blog Like wikihow,, mashable.ehow,seojournal,Lifehacker, and some other Blog it is very helpful for your blog and increase your blog is help you to increase your trust and Relationship.

Web 2.0 :

web 2.0 plays a very important part of SEO. You make a backlink in Web 2.0 free and easily.web 2.0 very help to rank your post or blog in search engine. I think web 2.0 is the best platform to get a free link and make a free backlink.

Creating infographics :

Infographics are also improving your Blog link and make a free backlink for your website.if you make a beautiful infographic if someone likes it he uses your infographics and your get free backlink from another blog.

Social Sharing :

Social Signals are a very important part of SEO. When you Write any post after write you submit your post in Search Engine after it Shares on Google+.Google plus is play a very important role to rank your post in Google and other search engines.

301 Redirect :

301 Redirect is also helpful in SEO and Link building.redirect is a very imporant and simple way to send both users you and other and search engines to a different URL from the one they originally is an Increase Blog Traffic.

Email is also increased your blog traffic and make a backlink for your Site.your create an Email list and Send your Content on is helps you to get a backlink for your site .if they use your post and words in their blog hope you get a backlink.

Wikipedia is a very famous site. Wikipedia backlink is nofollow.but it very helps you in traffic and rank your blog post in Google and another search engine. Click on edit and add your blog link.

Find your Competitor Backlink and make backlink on your blog it also helps you to get backlink and traffic. Make Backlink on Competitor Links.

Do Interviews :

Do Interviews with Pro Blogger asked niche-related questions and share their opinion and after complete interviews when your share tag theme and make a relationship with the pro blogger.

Audio Sharing Sites :

Make Backlink on Audio Sharing Sites. People Listen to Music and other activities a lot of traffic on Audio Sharing Sites. Register on Audio Sharing Sites and upload your file and make a little song and give your site URL and Title you get easily backlink From Audio Sharing Sites.

Share other People content :

Share others’ content. After reading your Friend Blog article Share it with your friend on your timeline.update Status about a Blog post and Give Good Comments and Update and Tag your Friend in is also helping your to in Link Building.

Image attribution :

Image attribution is also Make a link for your Site if your upload or share a new Image on the Internet or Blog if your image is attractive people like their and use it on their profile and blog so you get a backlink from the image. Share your image on Instagram and Flicker and other social networks.

Testimonials :

Testimonials are also Good Method to Get a link from another site. People use it a lot.

Tiered Link building with the white hat, not black hat. People use the Tiered Link Method in Black Hat but we use it in the White Hat Method it is Help us to rank our post and help us to Get Traffic From Search Engines.

Video-Sharing Sites :

we Get Link From Video Sharing Sites Easily and Free like Audio Sharing site. You Make your Video and share it on YouTube and other Video Sharing Sites and Get Link For your Blog.

I hope These Techniques Help you to Get Link From Other Blogs and Make Free Backlink from other websites.

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