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17 Basic On-Page Site SEO Techniques

Written by Bilal Tahir Khan

SEO is Biggest Way To drive Traffic From Search Engine.Google Give Very Important to SEO. Because SEO is the best and Save Way To increase Blog Traffic and visitor SEO (Search engine optimization) is  the most useful and best way to Drive Traffic.ON Page SEO Maintain your Blog or Site Content .it make your Title SEO and It make post Content Like These Day it is Not easy to Drive traffic and Ranking your post in Google only one way is SEO. Which Increase  your site Traffic and Ranking.People use many SEO Techniques To increase Traffic and Ranking.You Know all Google is The biggest Way of Traffic But it is Possible then you r Do your Blog SEO.On page SEO is improve your Title.Meta Tags. Url Structure,etc.Basically If you don’t Know the basics of on-page SEO right You Don’t get Traffic  From Google and Google Don’t Like your Site Because Your site is not Search engine Likely.if you Focus on SEO Then Google Give important to your Site and Give your site Traffic.

What is On Page Search engine optimization

On Page SEO is Which you do inside  your blog .On page Seo is Title ,Keyword,URL Structure ,Meta Description,Headings,Content,Robots.text,sitemap,Site Speed Come in to On Page SEO.

17 Basic On-Page Site SEO Techniques 1 : Keywords in Title Tag

Title of Post is Most important Thing in Post Because it is play very important role in Search engine.And Most important in On Page SEO .Don’t Use Short Title Short Title is not SEO Title .Always use Long Keyword Which Help your site in Search engine .And Short title will not Rank your site and your post in Google some other search engine.When your write some post Which topic you write First you Search Keyword about related post .Use Free keyword Tool Google AdWords Keyword PlannerSearch your keyword and Choose low Competition Keywords.

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2 :  Meta Description  Tag

Meta description tag is very compulsory part of search engine optimization.Meta Description About your Post it is also play good role in Search Engine.Meta Description Tell the reader about Post .17 Basic On-Page Site SEO Techniques

Some Time Search Engine use Meta Description Words.we write 150 to 160 characters in Meta Description.Mostly under 150 Characters we write in Blog Description

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3 :  Heading Tags

Heading make post Beautiful and Attractive.After Title Search Engine Give important s  to Headings .When we write some post if we use headings properly its make our post Good and its look beautiful.6 Type of Heading17 Basic On-Page Site SEO Techniques

Mostly Blogger use H1,H2,H3 Because these heading will mostly use.

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4 : Custom Robots.txt

Custom Robots.txt is Very important in Blog.when your start a new blog then you use this can seethe Robots.txt of your site easily.use this

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5 : Content SEO Friendly 

Content is King in your site and blog and post.if your content is unique Google Give important s to your blog and give you Traffic.When your write some post write 300 above words in All post Google Give important 300/500 and 500/100 words post.Write new fresh Content not copy paste if you write copy paste Google make your site blank list and not give important s .Write content related to title .Check your site with this tool

6 : Duplicate Content

Write own Content Don’t copy some other content .if your content is fresh your post will rank in search engine.if your post is Copy and duplicate then Google ignore you.and not search your post and Google like Fresh Content and Dislike Duplicate Content.So avoid From Duplicate Content and write own Content.


7 :  URL Structure (Permalinks)

Url is A Good thing in Blog .if your Url is Short it is SEO. always use url about post .Google is like short Url and Short url increase your blog traffic.17 Basic On-Page Site SEO Techniques

Use Short Link and not Use Long  it is best for SEO.

8 : Image ALT tag

Image is Make Post Good.Image Role is Very big in SEO.image is All Increase visitor From Googl images .17 Basic On-Page Site SEO Techniques

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9 : Internal Linking

Internal Linking increase your Traffic and it is good Thing.Use internal link in All post it is useful .And use Title “Must Read” and Read This Etc .

10 : External Linking 

External Linking is use is Good it increase back links and increase your page rank .if you use High Page rank Link its is very helpful For your site and it is increase your site density and use External link it is also part of SEO

11 : Broken link

Broken link make your reader sad if some one come your blog or site then not anything will appear it is sad for you and your reader, so Check your Site broken Link.and improve This.

12 : Navigation of a website

Navigation of a website is website Button and Pages.if some one come your blog and want to go to home page and some other page then use Navigation of a website it is save time and increase page view of your blog.

13 : Bold and Italics Words

Bold and Italics Words Write in every post it make post beautiful and Show word different .it give a new look in your post so use Bold and Italics Words in every post.

14 : Page Speed

Page Speed is most important Thing if your site Blog Load Time is Good Then Google give you Traffic and Visitor come your site if your Blog Load Time is high nobody come to your Blog.Improve you Blog Load Time and Maintain  it  .use these Tools For Speed.

1 : PageSpeed Insights

2 : GTmetrix

3 : Website Speed Test

 15 : Search Engine Sitemap

With out sitemap you Don’t do anything .Sitemap is main SEO tools.When your write new post and an new site for index your site in Search engine you use Sitemap it submit your site in Google and other search Engines.

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16 : Fix of crawl errors

Fix crawl errors in your Site it is reduce your blog ranking if your fix your blog error then its improve  your blog  ranking.So Check your Blog Error and Fix.

17 :  Page Not Found 404

Page Not Found is a page mostly all blogger make this because if any problem in your post then crawler auto appear your Page Not Found 404 page .i think you make this page it is help full for you and your reader it is also part of SEO.

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