How to Increase your popularity on Instagram

Some methods allow you to increase likes on Instagram without spending a cent. But does this fashionable practice make sense?

To increase the “Likes” of an Instagram page, it is possible to take advantage of some features or tools present on the social network. One solution to expand the community of followers on the social network is, for example, to launch a contest. How many times have we entered an online game and never managed to win? The reason is apparent: in many cases, these competitions are rigged. Therefore, if you want to have free Instagram followers, you need some tricks.

To understand more, we participated in a photo contest on Instagram. It was necessary to accumulate the most significant number of “likes” on the company page that proposed the game and vote with a like for the photo in the competition. The winner was whoever managed to channel the highest number of votes on their photograph.

Nothing abnormal so far, except that close to the contest’s deadline, the winner was able to increase his score suddenly. We noticed that many Likes received by the winning photo came from foreign profiles from careful analysis. All normal?

There are several techniques to increase the false likes of an Instagram page, but it is good to remember that the abusive use of Like goes against the regulation and terms of use of the social network.

The “real” likes are, in fact, helpful for companies to give visibility and popularity to their pages, reach potential customers and strengthen trust in a particular brand. On the contrary, those defined as “zombies” do not bring any advantage and increasingly spread viruses and malware on social networks. how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes is a question that needs us to think about.

1. Take high-quality photos

Instagram is a highly visual social media platform. It seems essential on Instagram, so much so that people judge your brand based on a single post before they even know your content or products. 

Brands must provide high-quality content to Instagram users. Even whether you are a tiny local business or a start-up, you must put out your best effort when it comes to photography since your content will make a first or second impression on a possible consumer.

The better your photo is, the more likes, shares, comments, and engagement you’ll get, taking you one step further to gain more followers.

With so many photo editing apps out there, you don’t need a DSLR worth several thousand dollars to create a great Instagram post. The most important thing is that your photo has a giant lightning bolt and is in focus.

I would recommend a modern smartphone (like an iPhone or a newer Galaxy) if you want to take some great shots.

Great photographs are more aesthetically attractive, which means they get more likes. Feel free to check out the best Instagram business tools to help you create better content.

2. Publish IGTV content in progress

SimilarWeb research reveals that users now spend 53 minutes a day consuming content on Instagram.

IGTV videos are four times larger than photos on the Explore page, making using IGTV videos a great way to get potential followers to discover your content.

IGTV also acts as a mini YouTube channel that allows you to reuse, entertain, or educate followers about what your products and services are about. 

To create your IGTV channel, start by downloading the app and log in with your account credentials so that the app syncs with your account, allowing you to instantly upload, watch and share your IGTV videos. If you want to get likes or followers in the short term, you can use Instagram auto liker without login which is no risk.

It’s that simple.

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