How To We Quickly Index New Post In Google In 1 Minute

You and Me everyone know about Google.Google is Famous Search Engine. Google is Most use in all world. People Mostly only use Google 70% of people on the Internet use Google. when we start new blog or website on Google we need how to index in Google and see our blog in Google search engine. when you create a blog you write a post on blog or website after doing it you submit your blog post in Google and you want your post index fast in Google.Google will start index you all post in the Search engine but Google takes time for index post in Google everyone wants his post index fast in Google and get traffic. Don’t worry in this post we learn How to Get Google to Index Your New Website & Blog Quickly and easily.

How to Get Index Your New Blog Post quickly in Google Search Engine

In Google webmaster tool we submit Post or submit our blog.

First Go to Google Webmaster Tools and go to homepage yourself and verify your blog in Google webmaster tools 5 Method you verify your blog

Add website

After log in to Google webmaster tools add your website Click on add site

Now enter Website URL and Continue You website or Blog add in Google Webmaster Tools,

Site verification

site Verification is very important after it you can not submit your blog post in Google webmaster tool and other search engines.

Submit an XML sitemap to Google

A sitemap is very important in blog/website after add website now add sitemap.sitemap show how many your post submit an index on Google or other search engines. after add sitemap, you can test

Index New Post Google quickly

Submit a URL Google

submit your post URL in Google

Go to Link

Fill Captcha and submit

Now open webmaster tool dashboard

How to Fetch as Google

Now Click on the crawler and click on Fetch as Google

Do Same after do it new page open

Post your Post URL and Fetch

and Submit to index

it’s Done your post index Google  Fast

in under 1 Minute your Post index in Google Easily

Ping Your Post

Ping Mean Ping your Post in Search Engine

Go to

Use Tool Your Post Submit Fast in Google and other Search Engine

after you do Successfully

5 Method to New Page Indexed Quickly

  1. Engage social media
  2. Gain inbound links
  3. Improve the Internal Link Structure
  4. Publish fresh content regularly
  5. Submit posts Reddit

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  1. Hi,
    Useful info you shared. All of us want traffic. For traffic we need to be in the list of search engine. I noticed recently that my just published post wasn’t on google search list. No it was not because of the SEO mistakes. It was so because I didn’t ping.
    So awesome tips you shared. Thank you so much. Is there any automatic ping tools available?


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