How to Configure All in One SEO Pack Plugin

ALL IN ONE SEO is a very Important and Popular plugin in WordPress.In WordPress 20,580,037 download.ALL IN ONE SEO optimize your Post and optimize your site in Search  Engine. After yoast All in one SEO is the best plugin for is most usable and simple .now we guide you on how to install and configure the plugin

How To Install All in One SEO Pack in WordPress

Step 1 : Go To plugin Bar Click on Add New plugin

Beginners Guide for All in One SEO Pack
Beginners Guide for All in One SEO Pack

Step 2: if you have a plugin in your Computer you other Device then click on upload is you have not then Search plugin

Step 3: Active Plugin

Beginners Guide for All in One SEO Pack

After Activate All in one SEO Plugin next step is Setting Now you Go to

SEO Pack General Setting

Step 1: if you have Pack pro Plugin then Enter Key

License Key

Canonical URLs: Checked

No Pagination for Canonical URLs: checked it Because its make your site Good make your URL Awesome: if your site is like this: Pagination remove /page/1/

Use Original Title: Checked on Disabled

Use Markup: Checked it

Log Importance event: Not Checked

Home Page Setting

in-home Page Setting Home Title, Home  Description, Home is very important to Complete this step it is main Point and Main Site view

Home Title: Use Blog Name Which you have wanted to use the name it main Title of your site

Home Description: Write about your site, Write Description 160 Character

Home Keyword: Search Engine does not Focus on your home keyword so if you want then write if you do not want then ignore 6-7 keyword you write

You can write This

Keyword Settings

The keyword is also an important thing in Seo

Use Keywords: Enable

Use Categories for META Keywords: Left unchecked

Use Tags for META Keywords: Checked

Dynamically Generate Keywords for Posts Page: Checked

Title Settings: Title is King you know of your site

Rewrite Title: Enabled

Capitalize Titles: Checked

Capitalize Category Titles: Checked

Page Title Format: Page title/blog title

Post Title Format: Post title /blog title

Category Title Format: category title /blog title

Date Archive Title Format: Date/blog title

Author Archive-title Format: author/blog title

Tag Title Format: tag/blog title

Search Title Format: search/blog title

Description format: description

404 Title Format: nothing Found

Page Format: Part/page

Custom Post Type Settings

SEO for Custom Post Types: Enabled

Enable Advanced option: Enabled

SEO on only these post types: Checked  Posts



Custom Titles: checked

Media Title Format: post title/blog title

Display Settings

Show Column Labels For Custom Post Types: Checked Posts


unchecked: Media

Display Menu in Admin Bar: Checked

Display Menu at the top: checked

Webmaster Verification Setting

Google Webmaster Tools: Google Webmaster tools is very important to add your site

Now verify you site

After entering Code, your site is verified in Google

Bing Webmaster Tool

Add your site in webmaster

Enter Meta code in Seo

Copy code and paste in Seo for verify

P interest Verification Add Code in your site

Google Setting

Google Plus Default Profiles: add your Profile Link there and active

Disable Google Plus Profile: Un Checked

Advanced Authorship options: Disabled

Connect with Google Analytics:

Google Analytics Id

Noindex settings

Default to Noindxe: Unchecked

Default to Nofollow: unchecked

Use noindex for Categories: checked

use noindex for date archives: checked

Use noindex for author archives: checked

Advanced Settings

Auto-generate Description: checked

Updating Setting

Extra Feature Setting

XML Sitemap :

The XML sitemap is very Important is SEO

You See This Picture and checked
Update setting

Optimize  Robots.txt File: After Add robots.txt File you can see the Work And Difference

File Editor: File Editor is good Thing if you want to add your own Robots.text file then active File Editor

Social Meta :

Social Meta is good for Seo you can share your files easily on social Network Etc.

How to Setting of All in one SEO Post/Page

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