Cloudways Vs WPX Hosting: Which One Is Best For WordPress Blogs

In the search for the best web hosting you may have come across the two most popular web hostings – Cloudways and WPX hosting.

But you cant select both the web hosting. so which one is the best? It is a very difficult question. so we have put a detailed review of services and features and we will know which one will be the best. From the review, you will have clear thoughts on which web hosting will be best suited for your website.

WPX Hosting

WPX hosting is a remarkable web hosting. it is designed for those who want to focus on their work on the website and not on the technical part. All the technical part is taken care of by WPX hosting.

WPX hosting offers CDN which improves the website’s global speed about 3 times. Thus making your website accessible to all users from any part of the world. All the information will get accessed within seconds and the user experience will go up.

G2 Crowd and Trustpilot are the two most famous websites which have covered an article on WPX hosting. they say that WPX hosting is the best web hosting they have ever used in their life. WPX hosting stands on top of the chart of speed and performance. they offer great deals on WPX hosting packages which no one can resist.

WPX Hosting Key Features

SSL Free Forever

WPX hosting is proving which one web hosting has ever provided for a lifetime. They are offering free SSL certificates for a lifetime. This means you don’t have to pay any fee for getting SSL on your website.

Unlimited Site Migration

When you want to move to WPX hosting servers, you can do it without any migration fees or troubles. WPX Hosting will take care of all and they will safely move your website and data on their servers for absolutely free.

Custom CDN

Custom CDN is offered to customers in all hosting plans. through CDN the website’s global speed can be boosted up to 3x. With CDN there will be no trouble in reaching your audience. They will not face server down or slow page loading.

Free Business Email

Business email is important if you want to look professional and serious. otherwise using free email will leave the impression of unprofessionalism. The good thing is that WPX hosting offers free business emails so that you can look more professional to your clients.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attack is very common on websites for hacking. Hackers try to attack websites every day just for fun. So to keep your website safe, WPX hosting offers DDoS protection. With this protection, you can freely concentrate on your work.

32 Seconds Response Time

WPX hosting support team is the very best support you can get. They are active for 24/7 and never fail to solve any problem you face. The average time of getting a response from the support team is around 32 seconds only. 32 seconds is the maximum time you will have to wait to get a reply.


Cloudways is another best cloud hosting. it is the most reliable cloud hosting you can have in 2019. Cloudways always think about its customers and never fails to provide benefits to them. they have tons of features and services to offer their customers. These features come absolutely free of cost which saves a lot of money.

CloudwaysCDN is offered by Cloudways and is available in all hosting plans. the CDN system is offered free only on a few web hosting. CDN helps to increase the global response time by providing a faster route for accessing data. It doesn’t matter where the user is accessing the data. The user will get all the information within seconds. hence the page load time reduces.

Cloudy is a cloud-based web hosting that offers dedicated hosting with scalable data plans. they offer 1GB RAM and 1 processor with 1TB bandwidth and 25GB SSD storage space. they have made a combination of both, premium services and affordable prices. it is very rare to see these two qualities in a single hosting plan. Along with that, they offer amazing features for free in every package.

Cloudways Key Features

SSD Storage Space

SSD drives improve the processing power up to 10x than normal HHD drives. From SSD drives the page load reduces and users can feel the lightning-fast speed of your website. the amount of storage space varies with the hosting plan.

Free SSL

Cloudways offers free SSL for making a secure connection between the server and the user. All the data gets transferred in an encrypted format. So that no one can read it. with the use of SSL, we get an HTTPS domain where ‘S” stands for “Secure”. HTTPS domain is favored by Google’s algorithm and it gives a small SEO boost to the website. it is better to have something than nothing.

Cost Free Migration

Cloudways don’t charge you any penny for moving your website on its server. Instead, they do it for you for free. if you are planning to move to Cloudways then you only need to inform them and soon your website will get shifted to the Cloudways server. Cloudways also offers some exclusive Cloudways Coupons as well which lets you earn massive discounts while signing up for the premium Cloudways plans.

Breeze Cache Plugin

Cloudways always think about its customers. They offer Breeze which is a Cache plugin for WordPress. it is better than any other cache plugin and it is free. it comes pre-installed with the server. The cache plugin proves to improve the performance of WordPress sites.

Final Words On Cloudways Vs WPX Hosting

We have seen that these two hostings are the best in every aspect. They do not lack any features and services from each other. It is a very tough battle. In my opinion, both of them are the best web hosting providers and it is difficult to decide which one is better than the others. They offer almost similar features and stand out from the rest. I leave the final decision to you to decide which one is better for you. because you now know the qualities and offers of both web hosting. so it will not be tough for you to decide which is better for your website.

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