How to Add a Link to Your TikTok Bio, with and without a Business Account

Social apps like TikTok and Instagram are the key driver of building an online business or personal brand. They’re the ideal methods to connect with customers and followers while showcasing what you have to provide.

For this reason, it’s so important to add a link to your TikTok bio. That way, if people see your profile and want to learn more, you can provide them with the necessary information.

The only way to have a customized, clickable link in your bio is by creating a business account. You can learn how you can convert your account in the next section. However, you’re not totally out of luck if you don’t want to change your account, either.

Adding an Instagram or YouTube link to your bio is really easy. All you have to do is:

  • Go to your TikTok profile.
  • Tap on the menu icon.
  • Select “Settings and privacy”.
  • Tap on “Manage account”.
  • Tap on “Switch to Business Account”.
  • Choose a category.
  • Go back to your TikTok profile.
  • Tap on “Edit profile”.
  • Tap on “Add your website”.
  • Enter the link to the website.
  • Tap on “Save”.

As you probably observed earlier, the way to integrate personal connections to your bio is to convert your TikTok account to a business account. Luckily, it is quite easy to accomplish. Just follow these steps here, and you’ll have a local Brio account in no time.

  1. In TikTok, tap the Profile tab.
  2. Tap the menu button in the top-right corner.
  3. Tap Manage account > Switch to Business Account > Next.
  4. Select what category your business falls under and hit Next to finish.

Now that you’ve converted to a business account, this is what you need to do to add a personal link to your bio:

  1. Go into the Profile tab (if you’re not there already).
  2. Tap Edit profile > Add your website.
  3. Type in your URL and click Save.

How to use for TikTok

  • In your browser, Open the
  • Next, add a social profile (choose TikTok and connect the account.)
  • Click on from the left-side bar, and then choose TikTok from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose “Get Started,” and then copy your Linkin Profile URL.
  • Paste it on your TikTok profile.
  • That’s it!

Get a Business Account

Before you can add a clickable link to your TikTok bio, you need to have a business account. If you have a personal account, you may be able to convert it to a business account.

To Add a Clickable Link to Your Business Account

If you already have a business account, you can follow these steps to add clickable links:

• Choose the “Profile” tab

• Select the “Edit Profile” option

• Tap on “Add Your Website”

• Now, simply type in the URL of the site you want to add and save your profile

To Add a YouTube or Instagram Link to Your Personal Account

Tap on the “Profile” option

• Choose “Edit” from the options presented

• Tap on “Add Instagram” or “Add YouTube”

• Follow the instructions to log into the account you’ve linked


In conclusion, adding a link to your TikTok bio without a business account is a great way to drive traffic to your account and grow your following. By adding a link to your bio, you can direct viewers to your website, blog, or other social media accounts. Additionally, you can use this strategy to promote your products or services and increase sales. So, what are you waiting for? Add a link to your TikTok bio today!

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