Tiny Texie Net Worth 2024: Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Girlfriend

Tiny Texie TikToker, was born 25 January 1992. She is an entrepreneur, a YouTuber, and one of the most influential social media personalities of our time.

NameTiny Texie
Age30 Years
Birthday25 January 1992
BirthplaceTexas, USA
HometownTexas, USA
BoyfriendNot Known
HusbandNot Known
ProfessionContent Creator 

Her influence is immense with over 460k Instagram followers and more than 30,000 YouTube subscribers. TikTok from all over the globe look up to her and consider her an idol in the digital world. Virtual rock star who managed to keep her relevance. The platform’s direction changes every minute.

Tiny Texie Biography

Texie, a YouTuber and social media influencer of 30 years old, is Texie. Her appearances on Make Me Famous are another highlight. This has also earned her a large following. You can follow her journey on Instagram and YouTube until then. This personal information is not shared by her.

Her wealth comes from her various businesses. Her first venture was to launch a hair extension brand. Later, she expanded her business into a lifestyle brand which includes makeup and clothing lines. She also owns several businesses. Her social media accounts include endorsements of other brands, which has helped her increase her net worth.

Net Worth$1 Million
NameTiny Taxie
Age29 Years Old
Height(3 Feet 4 Inches)
Weight40 KG (Approx)
ProfessionSocial Media Star
Date Of Birth25th January 1992
BirthplaceUnited States

Tiny Texie Family

Texie has not revealed the names of her siblings or parents. Texie is a decent family girl who takes care of her family. She is very concerned about her health and regularly works out at the gym to keep her body in good shape. She has not yet shared any details about her siblings or other related information, but there is little information available.

Texie is a normal little girl who lives with her family in California. Her smile is charming and her body is healthy. Texie is currently living with her family.

She was raised in a Christian home from her childhood. She was raised by her parents, and she has no siblings. She spends her time with her friends. She lives in San Jose, California with her family.

Tiny Texie Height and Weight

Tiny’s measurements are not known at this time. Her zodiac sign is Aries. She is an American citizen. She is a Christian. She is 32D in size. Her parents gave her a beautiful body. Tiny is loved by many people via social media. She is a huge fan of dresses, and she always looks beautiful in them.

Her dark hair and dark eyes at night are a sign of her dark skin. Your zodiac sign is Aquarius. Texas, USA. His father’s and mother’s names are not known. She has two brothers. She received a great education in school. It is well-organized.

Tiny Texie Education

She attended Holy Cross High School in Abilene, and graduated from Texas Tech University. She then went on to Texas Tech University to pursue a Master’s in Health and Human Performance. She also had the opportunity to study abroad.

She attended Sheffield Hallam University in England. There she graduated as well. After completing her studies, she started working. After graduating from college, she became an assistant professor in the Nutrition and Kinesiology department of New Mexico State University.

Her father was also an attorney at the Santa Fe Office of General Counsel for the New Mexico Department of Transportation. Her mother is also a District Court Judge, which presides over traffic cases. She has two older and one younger sister. She is American in terms of his ethnicity.

Tiny Texie Relationship

Tiny is currently dating Anastasia. Ingrid was her first girlfriend. They started dating in September 2014. However, they split up in May 2016. Tiny is bisexual. She was born into a family that raised pot farmers, but she transitioned to bisexuality at the age of 20.

Of course, they were often asked to justify their relationship. Here’s what they said: People always question us. We are concerned about our parents being upset that someone we love is a man. My dad loves me as I am and my mom loves me regardless of what. Tiny said that her body is unique and special now that she loves it more than ever.

She said that she hopes others will find her an inspiration in their lives. Ingrid stated that Tiny was the first thing that attracted her to her personality. After they began dating, she fell in love with Tiny. Tiny was also a possibility. She chose to end the relationship after her transition. It was okay, as long as both of them were happy.

Tiny Taxie Favorite Items

  • Tiny Taxie is passionate about what she loves the most in life.
  • We are sorry to say that she is not able to spare any time for her music career.
  • She has been known to spend hours on YouTube, watching videos from new musical artists like her.
  • This does not include rehearsals or live performances.
  • A self-proclaimed K-pop ‘die-hard’ fan, she also loves K-pop.
  • Tik Toker enjoys watching videos of fellow YouTubers and also visiting their videos.
  • When she’s not working, however, she can be found doing these things.
  • She loves to catch up with friends over ice cream or pizza at her favorite hangout spots.

Tiny Taxie Hobbies

  • She’s also an avid sports fan.
  • More than six million people follow her Instagram account and are a part of her Snapchat family.
  • She also posts tons and tons of videos and photos that show her having a lot of fun.
  • She’s having a lot of fun while she works on her cooking skills and how seriously she takes dancing classes.
  • Here you will find links to all her social media pages.
  • These links will take you to useful websites that are related to cooking, dancing, and other sports.
  • This can be a great way for aspiring dancers to learn new skills, or just have some fun.

Tiny Texie Career

She used to take part in many competitions before she discovered social media. She won many awards at local pageants. Her videos have been viewed over a million times on YouTube and Instagram. This is impressive for anyone who uses social media regularly. Her net worth is approximately $500,000.

She was born in Texas, but she moved to the United States to support her parents. She won many awards at different pageants in her hometown. To meet her educational needs. For English and Mathematics, she used to take summer courses. These competitions also allowed her to play the piano. She isn’t too tall for her height, but she has the perfect shape and weight to be a model.

Her curvy figure at 14 years old caught the attention of many male fans. They are social media celebrities and their popularity is due to the different posts they make on their profiles. They are not creating any real impact on them or using any other common methods available right now or in the future.

Tiny Texie Trivia

Tiny has had many nicknames since elementary school. One night, when she was young, she said she preferred a bagel to a meal roll.

Her parents called her Little Texie when she was a baby. This soon became Little Texie or TikToker. As an adult, she had hundreds of thousands of social media followers. Tiny was liked by many and they were curious to know more about Tiny’s personality.

Tiny Texie Net Worth

Salafi is a blog that Instagram posts about fashion and lifestyle. Its net worth is approximately $ 500,000 Instagram posts a lot of Salafi about fashion, lifestyle and other topics. Sponsors help to cover marketing and costs.

You have probably heard of TikTok at the very least once. Because it is popular and widely used.

What was Tiny Texie’s net worth?

Tiny Texies’ net worth is estimated to be approximately $2 million.

How old is Tiny Texie?

Texie was born on January 25, 1992, and is currently 30 years old.

Tiny s annual revenue.

As of 2022, her current yearly salary is $100,000. Her primary source of income comes from sponsorships, promotions, and income from her dancing and professional experiences.

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