How To Install WordPress Plugin with 4 Different Method

WordPress is the best Platform for creating a website.WordPress is Self-hosting .we Install WordPress Plugins but in this post, we learn how to install WordPress plugin with 4 Different Method.WordPress use installs Different Plugin to maintain their website .you know WordPress offer their user to Install plugin with 2 methods .alot of the plugin in WordPress Free plugin. WordPress provides a lot of free users. There are thousands of free and paid plugins available for WordPress.

Search Plugin and Install Plugin From WordPress Dashboard

1- Login to your WordPress account. Go to WordPress Dashboard and Click on Plugins > Add New and Now Search Plugin you

2- can Find Plugin with keyword and Author with Tag.enter Keyword and Find Plugin and Search Plugin and click on Install Now

3- Now Click on Install Now Plugin is Download

How To Active Plugin in WordPress

Now Active your Install Plugin

You Plugin is Active now

Install WordPress Plugin After Download

First, you Download WordPress Plugin and if you have to buy any Plugin and  you save your Plugin in any USB drive or In your Computer

How To Upload WordPress Plugin From USB or Computer Drive

1- Open your WordPress Dashboard and See beside Add Plugins and click on  Upload Plugins

2- Now Browser Plugin  in your Drive and Choose file

3- And Install Zip file not unzip Direct upload Zip file and Install and Active

Install WordPress Plugin Using FTP Manager

1- FileZilla
2- Cyberduck
3- WinSCP
You can use any above FTP client. New People have no idea how to use FTP Manager and how to install a WordPress Plugin Through

Open  your site FTP Manager

Now You Do this and select

And Active You Plugin and Enjoy

How To Install WordPress Plugin In Control Panel

Open your WordPress hosting Control panel and Open File Manager and See your File and Then go to Store and Install WordPress Plugin Easily. Next, upload the folder you extracted from the zip file to the folder/wp-content/plugins/ on your web server.

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