How To Schedule Posts in Your WordPress Blog

How To Schedule Posts in Your WordPress Blog
Written by Bilal Tahir Khan

WordPress is Awesome Platform and feature is also Awesome.Blogger and  other people use WordPress platform for make blog and site but a lot of short time and some other issue the have not able to publish post on time many other problem face. if our blog is good our reader need post on time when we share our post mean on Schedule it is help us to increase our blog traffic and some other things it is good.we go outside on vacation and other problem some guest come home we will not post we know guest will come we write post and share it on schedule you update you blog daily it is awesome feature in word press.


we Easy can post on Schedule and not face any problem WordPress have awesome Feature.it is Free and easy.in this post you learn How to Schedule Posts in Your WordPress Blog an published it automatic and Easily.

How to Schedule Your Posts in WordPress

Step by step guide how to write and make schedule post in WordPress.

Open your WordPress Dashboard and write you blog post after it beside the bar you show some option when you published your article.

Click on Edit ButtonHow To Schedule Posts in Your WordPress Blog

Now set Date and Time and month and when you want to published your postHow To Schedule Posts in Your WordPress Blog

Now click on Published it will publish on time on Schedule you have select and if u want to make change want change schedule you can easily change it you can change all thing not any problem
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