How To Delete Facebook Suggest Friend Request

Facebook These days a troller work very Fast.Facebook Algorithm Uses your location like you went someplace and login to your account from there, FB algorithm make use of all the location you log in and suggest friends based on that. people worried about they receive own friend request. Suggested Friends application for Facebook recommends friends to users based on common networks between friends a user already has. So don’t worried now Because it is not a virus it is like a Fun and it script called Facebook Social toolkit .you  are also worried because if you accept this someone hacked your etc a lot of question in your mind.

How To Delete Facebook Suggest Friend Request

Facebook uses the information you have uploaded about your contacts to make friend suggestions for you and others. To stop the friend finder suggestion, turn off continuous uploading and delete all of your imported contacts.

Step 1: Navigate to your Facebook profile and then click “Find Friends” in the Favorites section.

Step 2 :  Click “Manage imported contacts.”

Step 3: Click “Remove all contacts,” and then click “Remove.” A status message appears, advising that a confirmation notice will be sent to you.

How To Delete Facebook Suggest Friend Request

it is so simple you Click on ignore if you want to remove all friend request so you can do it.

Go to This Link and Click on Remove

You go to This Link

Select the option to mean select your Friends and Delete

after this, your all Request will delete which you have Select. The best way you ignore and Delete simple way

Hope you Delete all Friend Suggest Request.

How to Disable the Facebook Friend Finder Suggestion

  1. log into your Facebook account
  2. Go to your Facebook Profile page
  3. At the left side, you will see a dialogue box type which’s name is “Friends”. Put your cursor on it a drop down icon will become visible to you click on it.
  4. Click on Edit Privacy
  5. There is “Friend List” and “Following” select “only me” for both of them
  6. Click “Done”

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