How To Get Google Adsense Approved Easily within 2hours

How To Get Google Adsense Approved Easily within 2hours

Google Adsense is Best Platform to make money.People worried about it Because Mostly People not know how to approve google Adsense. Google Adsense account approved just within two hours.but we Approve Ad sense Through YouTube.Youtube also a Feature of Google.we can call its Google product. YouTube is Video Sharing website.Every person thing make money online is very easy way to make rich and earn money it is wrong. a lot of hard work need to make money online.Now days Google adsense approve easily with YouTube and also blogger.on YouTube google adsense active in few minutes but on blogger it is not active fast it have need some time.After review your account active but in YouTube it have not need any review.Google has put restrictions on Asian countries like Bangladesh, China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan, among others.So Choose other country when you create gmail account.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval With A New Blog

Google AdSense is one of the oldest networks to offer ad publishing and works at Pay Per Click system.

Few Things to Follow To Get Easy Google AdSense Approval

  • Domain name or site URL
  • Get Your Website Indexed By Google
  • Top-level domain
  • Length of site ownership
  • Unique content
  • Update frequency
  • Site layout
  • Important Pages like Contact, About, Privacy, Sitemap, and Disclaimer
  • Ensure You Don’t Use Copyrighted Images
  • IP addressWait after rejection
  • Correct personal information

Things To Avoid To Before Apply Adsense

  • Number Of Blog Posts
  • Placing 3rd Party Ads and Banners
  • Waiting To Get Your Blog Older
  • Make Money Online Category Or Having Restricted Content
  • Maintaining Alexa Rank

Apply to Google AdSense Online

You Sing in with your gmail account.

1:Enter your Real Country Name
2 :Choose your country Time
3: Remember this also choose Individual option
4:if your age up to 18 you Enter your name if you not able mean you age is not 18 then Enter your brother and Father Name
5 : You Street address.
6 : Enter you City Name were you live
7 : Enter your City Postal Code
8 : Phone Number it is Important.
9 :if you want check box if you not want then leave
10 : Now your Ready and Click on Submit application.

Next Page open and Choose your open verification option.choose Call or Sms option and after receive Code Enter code and Submit.
When your application Submit and you Go on your YouTube page automatic.and Sms will show on top.

if you Face any problem in this article and approval Freely Contact us Give your Feedback.Thank you

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