How To Promote Blog Posts – 99 Ways To Increase Traffic

How To Promote Blog Posts – 99 Ways To Increase Traffic

Traffic is an important part of Blogging and earning. Every blogger wants to Million of Traffic on their Blog But People use Different Methods and ways to drive traffic. Many people Do SEO and Many other people Share their posts a lot in Different Places. In this post, we know about how to drive Traffic and know best Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts.we write posts and only submit in Search Engines not do anything is not Good. we share Quality Ways to Promote your Posts.

Promote your Blog Post & Increase Traffic

1: Submit your Post on Search engine

Submit your Site or Blog post on Search Engine it is very important. Submit your Post in google and another Search engine.
Yahoo! Search

2: How to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Social Media is very important in SEO and Blogging.we can rank every post with Social signal. so it is very important to Drive traffic and rank post-Etc.

3: Share it on your Social Profiles and Pages

Make your website or Blog Social Official page and share your post on your profile and Page. you’re Drive Good traffic from Page.

4: Engage in Social Communities

Join Social Communities But most important Thing join related to your post or Blog Niche.if you share your Blog post other communities google +Banned you so Carefully Share.

5: Share it on Facebook

Everyone uses Facebook Share your Blog post on your profile on your timeline. Your friend sees your post easily. Share your post and Drive good traffic.

6: Share it on Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are Good things. Join Facebook groups and share your post on Facebook Groups. Make a relationship with other Facebook group members.

7: Share it on your Facebook Business Page

Make your website Facebook Page and share your post-on-page.

8: Share your blog post on Twitter

Share your blog post on Twitter.Twitter is a very active social media Million of active visitors on Twitter.

9: Use popular Hashtags in your Tweets

Use Hashtags in your Post with this method you can drive Good Traffic so use Hashtags.

10: Share your Post with Family and friends

Share your blog post if your Family and friends interesting your niche and your niche related to entertainment.

11: Share with your colleagues

If your Class mat also a blogger. then share your blog post with your Colleagues.

12: Submit your website to Mix

The mix is a very interesting website we drive million of traffic from Mix. Share your post on Mix.

13: Share it on your LinkedIn Company Page

Make a Linkedin profile and create your company page and share your post on your page.

14: Share it on LinkedIn groups

Join LinkedIn groups. join your website-related groups and share your blog post on groups.

15: Submit it to Reddit

Reddit is a very active Website. if your profile is good on Reddit your website not handle Reddit Traffic. Million of traffic we drive from Reddit.

16: Submit your blog post to

Make is the very best way to drive traffic and Get backlink .you share your post on and get a backlink.

17: Submit your blog post to is also a good platform to Drive Traffic. Also, get Backlink.

18: Share your blog post on Pinterest

Make your account in Pinterest and verify your blog and share your post on Pinterest.

19: Share your blog post on Pinterest Group Boards

Join Group and share your post. and Get backlink and Share your post and pin.

20: Share your Post on Tumblr

if you know Tumblr we can drive good traffic from Tumblr. Share your post.

21: Share your post on Instagram

Instagram is very Active and the USA and Uk users active on Instagram. People Share pictures and Other things on Instagram and Get unique visitors from Instagram.

22: Share your Blog Post VK

VK is a website like Facebook.we can get traffic from Vk. Make a Good profile and increase friend list then share your blog post.

23: Answer Question Website

Post and answer questions with a link on Quora

Make Profile on Quora and Help other people and share your blog Link.

Yahoo Answers

24: Guest Blogging

Find Guest Blog and write a guest blog on other blogs and get links to make relationships with other Blogs.

25: Social Bookmarking Sites

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Mix
  • Digg
  • Folkd
  • Slashdot
  • Delicious
    Join the Social bookmarking site and share your website link. and Drive Traffic.

26: Sponsor Ads Paid Traffic 

  • Google Adwords
  • Paid promotion on Facebook Ads
  • Post a sponsored Twitter Ads
  • Sponsor a post on LinkedIn Ads
  • Sponsored Stumbles
  • Try the new Reddit Ads
  • Snapchat Ads

27: Join Forums

Site Point Forum
Black Hat World
The V7network

Promote a Blog Post Immediately after You Publish It

28: Blogging Communities
Do Splash

29: Share your blog post on Triberr

Join Triberr and share your post and help other people.

30: Submit your blog post to related pages.

Submit your post to and drive traffic.

31: Send An Email To Your Subscribers

Send your Post to the website Subscribers you can drive good traffic from your Subscribers.

32: Contact Bloggers with similar content

Make a relationship with your Similar Blogger. Ask questions etc.

34: Turn your Content into Video

Make a video and share it on a Video Sharing Website Like YouTube. Viemo., Daily Motion, and other video sharing websites.

35: Newsletter

Join the Newsletter website and share your Website news and Get backlink. Try to be included in a curated newsletter

36: Build Email List

Build an Email List and Send Email to your  user.and Get Traffic.

Send Email to Related Topic Blogs

Link to it in your email signature

37: Facebook Page

Create a story on Facebook Page.and share your post and get back link.

38: Presentation for Slide Share

Create Presentation and share on slide share and Get backlink and Traffic.

39: Podcast

Apple Podcasts
Digital Podcast
Blog Talk Radio

40: Infographic
Daily Infographic
Cool Infographics
Infographics Archive
Infographic Journal
Infographics Showcase

41: Ebook

Write an Ebook and share of Different Sites you Can also drive good traffic from the ebook.

42: Link Roundups

Find These Put These keywords in Google and Find your Related niche Blog.

“Link Roundup” + SEO
“Link Roundup” + Blogging
“Link Roundup” + Backlink

43: Optimize your hashtags with

Pin your blog post to the top of your Facebook Wall
Use popular hashtags in your tweets

44: Submit your site,

45: Write a daily

Write Daily Post and Share Content you Drive Good Traffic.

46: Haro is Very Best Way to Get Backlink and Drive Traffic.
Enable RSS Feed
Actionable Tips to Promote Your Blog

Hope All things are very helpful for you and if you have any question related to Post Freely Contact us Leave comments.

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