How To Send Suggest Friend Request To Themselves Facebook Troller

Hi Friends, Tonight My Friend suggest to me my request I see it in Morning and I am so worried then my friend tells me this is like a stroller. So I tell you about this and write a post on it so don’t worried about it. When you See  This type of scene you worried. Don’t worry it is like a New Facebook prank Trending on Facebook. When you send your Friend think about what happens with me and how it is possible but is Possible you can do it with your Friend make them Worried and Just Chill. You think somebody makes my fake account like my same profile and you try to report theme but don’t do it because  it your profile .it is crazy Make your friend happy

How to Suggest Your Friends To Themselves

it is so easy to use if you have used Google Chrome then Install Facebook Social Toolkit extensions

Suggesting Friends To Themselves Using Facebook Social Toolkit

Some Tips Before using This

it is Not hacking Script so Don’t worried when you use it

it does not harm full for your profile

your Facebook profile is saved when you use it

Only one time send in one profile it you use again and again on one profile your account is blocked.

it is Free

it is working on All Facebook accounts

And Active in your Browser

After install Extensions will so besides on the top

See Carefully  Extension  will be active now Click on Suggest Friends To Themselves

After Click r All Friend  receive Request themselves


Next, you can Send Friend request themselves with another way

it is Also a

The same Process Install it in your Google Chrome Browser

You Enter your Friend URL and Send him Request themselves in this you can send one by one and if you want all then click on all troll all friends

Remember me in your prayer if you need any help Contact us Freely

And I Suggest you Social Toolkit it is Best not any ads it is save For you Make your friends worried and be happy Chill

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