Fix: Valuable Inventory Scraped Content

We will talk about  “How to fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Adsense policy violation error? The only way to get the Adsense Approved is by doing the right thing in the right ways. Writing Original Content is a Key, you may take a look at other’s blog, but at last, you should write your own.

Scrapping: Scrapping means copying, if you Copied someone’s blog and Re-wrote it again then it called Scrapped Content. You may rewrite the post as many bloggers say but The Art of re-writing content in the right way is a must.

Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Fix

What is scraping in blogging?

Examples of scraped content include:

copied content

  • Spin content (re-writing other people’s content)
  • content so unoriginal it might as well have been copied, despite being the author’s own work
  • inclusion of affiliate content without adding value
  • duplicate content appearing on more than one site, with/without the owner’s permission
  • Top 10—50– Top 200—– Top 100 Or any usual word which used in most of the Site on Internet then the Google, Exact same word post with same Title Algo Recognise it and Marked as Scrapped Content.

For more information, review the following resources: In Google Dashboard

  • Policy tips for creating high-quality sites (part 1)
  • Policy tips for creating high-quality sites (part 2)
  • Webmaster quality guidelines
  • AdSense Program policies
Fix : Valuable Inventory Scraped Content
Fix : Valuable Inventory Scraped Content

How & Why webmasters perform scraping on their blogs?

Completely Resolve Valuable Inventory Scraped Content.Uniqueness matters for Google and for every reader out there on the internet. So, producing unique, authentic, correct and valuable information for readers will always be fruitful for you and your blog both in long-term blogging.

Understanding “Scraped Content.”

  • The content was published on Site A. 
  • Site A went offline, and content was moved to Site B. 
  • Site B went offline, and the content was not available on the web. 
  • The content was available on Wayback Machine. 
  • I started Site C and republished the content.
  • Site C gets flagged as “scraped content,” even though there is only one version available online. 

How to fix valuable inventory scraped content AdSense violation?

  • Check your article for plagiarism. if you don’t know which article is plagiarism or Scraped.
  • Don’t copyrighted images, videos or other data.
  • Don’t Write the post from another blog, having the Exact same word.
  • Remove the excessive advertisements
  • Check Theme User-Friendly.
  • Add Privacy policy,Disclaimer, DMC Pages.
  • Delete most plagiarism Post, Or Edit until it gets in 100% original.
  • Write some more posts and Re-Apply for Adsense.
Fix : Valuable Inventory Scraped Content
Fix : Valuable Inventory Scraped Content

Hope Valuable inventory: Scraped content issue Adsense is helpful for you.If you still have any queries. Comment below.

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